help advise needed


I came off the pill in early December after my period. I then planned that with the testing kits I would ovulate around 22nd did the testing and got the doulbe lines. Anyway I had a few days of bleeding. I never normally have this- would it be I came off the pill?
My period is due today and its not come. Couldn't wait so did a test and its come back negative.

Im confused...


  • could be because u came off pill, or could be be the start of ur pill. Or if u tested with a cheap test it may of given a false neg?x
  • could the days of bleeding been your period? Sometime sit takes a bit of time for your sytem to get back to normal. Although if you were ovulating around the 22. I would of thought you would of had an period. try and hold out till sat and if still no period. Do another test. x
  • thank you very much for the advise. I will hold off until Sat! x
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