happy new year all

hi ladies.

i havent been on here in ages as our laptop battery had gone an just got it sorted out.so how is everybody any bfps or new ladies?Anyone bored of the snow now?i love snow but it beens like since 17th dec an its annoying as there not much you can do in this weather.our ttc date has changed to end of sept to oct time now as we have my parents over in august the whole month from oz so dont want while there here an have a holiday after so gonna wait till after but will prob upsi before!!anyway pointless post just wanted to see how you all are.x


  • hi,
    im new to planning, usually c me on baby, our ttc date is june and cnt wait. we already have a 5mnt girl, and after taking 3yrs to concieve last time decided to start whilst dd is still young, as we only want a 2 yr gap, im so excited for baby no2.

    Sarah xx
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