Anyone actually 'planning' anything?

I am part of this 'planning' section but am not planning.
Just putting it off.

What can i plan lol?

I know what I need to do:

1) get a job to earn a little bit of money
2).... thats about it.

I wanna start trying now image I want a September/October baby and that means starting in Jan.... but I can't get a job that fast image Grrr.

So... whats ur 'planning' ladies?


  • I have pretty much everything thing planned (I know I am sad)
    1. Saving money
    2. listed things we will need for baby
    3. planing to swap rooms with kid(s) once wee one is here.
    4. started all my vitamins etc
    5. Finished my pill on Mon so will start trying as soon as AF has been and gone

    I s it really sad that I have actually looked to see where has nice maternity clothes ! lol

  • Lol, i used to work in a baby shop so I know everything now... got my list ready (that and things all my family and friends have kept!)
    I wanna start trying now, need that job!
  • aww kool where did you work? I used to work in a kids clothes shop (Adams) and loved all the wee tiny baby clothes!!!
    we have a few things from our first, cot, changing table.
    Need to buy a pram and a few other things dont want everything to be second hand for baby 2.
    Aww that sucks about the job.
    .Is there no way you could have a wee one without it? xxx
  • Well we could... but if i could get something it would be extra cash... but it would be possible. I could always do more damn supply (hate full time teaching but i might have to do it).

    I used to work at mamas and papas so know what to get and what not to get image it certainly helps as people tell you you need all this rubbish and you just don't!

    Love this site though, i am trawling through other bits of the forum reading lovely stories, its so cute!

    When are you going to start trying?
  • As soon as my first AF has been and gone!

    we are one wage and its not too bad.
    We thought about me going back out to work and not having another baby but we both know we would have regretted it.
    People always say on here that there is never a right tme for a baby lol!! There is always some reason to put it off so we decided to just go for it the now.

    I know you never need half of the stuff you actually buy lol!!

    I love the mamas and papa stuff!! my SIL has her lo's room all done up in it and has the 8 in 1 pram!!!

    I know this forum is lovely lots of great advice! I love the birth announcements!
  • just ate my reply image

    I love m and p room stuff, i just adore hodge podge!! Will be getting some of that if I get pregnant soon :P

    I cant really get the ultima lol, would take up the whole flat!!!

  • The site does it all the time lol.
    Before I post I copy it first before I send it, just incase!!! Saves me having to re-type it all again!!

    ooo just googled the hodge podge stuff its gorgeous!!!
    My sil had the Branaby Buttons stuff.
    I am looking at getting the silver cross pram again.

  • agree i dont think you need half the things they say, we didnt with our first..

    we have planned, we are still poorish but need to do it now or we will miss the boat and there will be too big an age gap and my earnings will be low for longer. we are going to shift rooms too!!! get a bunk bed in and i need to buy a sling. i want a sept/oct bby so i can go on mat leave before the summer holidays begin! xx
  • Hmmm, as far as planning goes:

    - We are trying to save some money (hard at this time of year though!)
    - I am taking folic acid
    - I have cut my caffeine and alcohol intake down (the alcohol thing is another difficult one at Christmas time though! But I will cut back to very little at all once the festivities have finished!)
    - I have looked into nursery costs etc and tried to do some budgeting based on what my and hubby's wages will be (I am planning to go down to 2 and a half days a week after maternity leave)
    - I have done a bit of research into the basic things we will need for a baby
    - We have decided which room will become a nursery (I am sitting in it now as my computer is currently in it! Very exciting thought!)

    Hmmm, think that's alll we've really 'planned'... Now I just need to arrange for my implant to be removed next month and then on with lots of BDing! image
  • Oh, and I have looked up foods to avoid once PG as I will try and avoid these when TTC too just in case I am actually ever PG and don't realise at first. I may be being slightly over-cautious here, but it probably can't hurt (although I will miss smelly blue cheese and rare steak, boo hoo!)
  • Hi girls im new to the site and have been looking around the last few days and was looking for information with regards to what we will actually NEED to buy, a proper list of essentials and i noticed that a few of you (Rosemary20) mentioned that there are lots of things people buy that they dont actually need! I was wondering if anyone has any hints on this as am trying to plan but not gettin very far
    ta muchly
  • Hello!
    We've planned what to do with swapping rooms and we've found new furniture etc that will fit. We've also started eating better, taking multivitamins etc DH has been looking at family friendly cars-he keeps trying to convince me we need a 4x4. We don't. Not by any stretch of the imagination.

    I think the things a baby needs (aside from love and hugs!) are
    cot + mattress + bedding
    nappies + changing mat etc
    muslin cloths
    bottles + sterliser etc

    Off the top of my head thats all I can think of i'm sure i've missed a few things. Its different for everyone though i'm pretty sure I don't need a ??25 nappy holder (m&p). Most stuff can be bought second hand too if you're not fussy, the only things that should be bought new are a car seat and a cot mattress.
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