July is nearly here...

only afew weeks away until its july and we are going to start trying!! hooray. we have a holiday planned for the last 2 weeks of july too so lots to look forward too.

wf xx


  • Ooh, so exciting! Good luck with your trying and enjoy your hols as well! xx
  • Eeeek! How exciting! Hope it all goes well for you both and that you catch the first beautiful little bean.

  • Good luck ttc wf ;\)

    Thats when me and the OH are starting too and going on hols the first week of July too...its amazing to find people in the same situations!

    Only 6weeks today until July!! WooHooo!!

    Good luck ladies

    x x x x

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  • hi

    its so exciting isnt it, lots of good luck (and baby dust) to us all, only 6 weeks to go... yippee xx
  • Wow! Was just going to create a post along these lines!! Its great to hear of others in the same boat!

    Today I took the first pill from my last pack. We are going to start trying for baby number 2 in july. I've been excited about it for a while now but today I had a big wobble - am a bit scared suddenly!!!

    Am nervous that it will take a long time and I will get all stressed about it but am even more nervous that it might happen straight away as it did with number one! Is it ok to be hormonal and confused even before getting pregnant!?!?!!?!?!?!

    Good luck to everyone and hope to see you all in "My Baby is Due in ???" at some point very soon!! xxx
  • mrsSP i think the same sometimes i keep looking at baby things and know i shouldn't be but cant help it. i feel the same very nervouse and hope it doesnt take too long i finish my pill 9th july then hoping to have withdrawl and start whilst on holiday oooohhhh soooo exited i can hardly breath properly!! went to toys r us today for my little girl and it took me all my strength not to look at baby things and prams!!! don't know what's wrong with me!!
  • Exciting times! Let's hope we're not hanging around in TTC for too long x
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