Any advice?

I need to write all this down, mainly to make sense for me but if anyone has any advice it is much appreciated.

I already have one little girl who is almost 17 months old. We would like to start TTC for a second baby ideally around Xmas. Problem is I hate my job, well not my job, but my school. Since we got a new deputy (internal appointment) things have been awful. It's so bad that I dread going to work each day. Only work four days which suits me fine and I got to keep my management responsibilty despite no longer working 5 days which was good too. So that is a positive thing, but that's about it. I feel so torn with looking for a new job and waiting even longer for a second baby and risking that I am waiting for ages (only allowed to reign at certian points in the year you see). Or just going for the second baby and then not going back after maternityleave and hopefully getting a job elsewhere. My worry is that I am so unhappy at work that I would not have a healthy pregnancy if I stayed there, but I don't want a big age gap between Lily and the next one.

I have been looking for a new job since May but there really has been zilch! Lots of maternity cover jobs and head teacher jobs but nothing in between. I have just applied for one job that has come up, so there is always that, but even then it is not starting until Easter so I would still have to stick it out until then at my current school. I feel so torn, go for the baby and stay at the school from hell but get the baby we want or keep putting it off until I get a new job and that could be ages...if I don't get a job beore the next resignation deadline (Feb 28th) the next time I can resign is May 31st to start a new job in SEPTEMBER! My head would not let me leave earlier so that's not an option. Feel pretty bleak about the whole thing.

Hope you managed to get to the end of this. Feel better for writing it down at least, but still can't decide what to do image(



  • Hi, sorry dont have many wise words but I am too putting off ttc till I have found a job i like... as i dont want a crap one which could harm my sanity and baby. I have decided to just go with it and hope something comes up, I know there are so few teaching positions because it took me ages to find my NQT job!

  • HI, I am in the middle of the waiting now.My current job is in the independent sector and their mat leav policy was very very basic so decided to go back into state sector before we ttc. I start my new job but I want full Mat Leave options so I cant give birth before Jan 2011 plus 15 weeks! So I will be ttc in June next year. ! The wait is maddening and there is always the option that it will take me a while to conceive but I wanted to have the best possible start for my first child. It can only be your choice. he waiting is awful but I know that I will be more pleased with the outcome x
  • Thanks ladies. It's just really frustrating! Helped me to write it all down tho. xxx
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