Hello There! Another new person!

Hi there everyone, just been reading some of your posts. We are currently planning to start trying for a baby, I currently have an IUD fitted, non hormonal due to past history of DVT due to having the combined pill. Am wanting to lose a bit of weight before trying, if from nowhere else but my legs, to reduce any risks of further DVTs. Apart from that, we are fit and healthy, taking the folic acid and both very excited about it all!


Anyway, thanks for stopping by to read this, good luck everyone in your attempts to make a little bump!x


  • Hi Littletoots,

    Welcome to the site! When are you getting your IUD removed? It's so exciting when you start to plan for this. I stop my pill on 29th April and are looking TTC straight away.

    Good luck and baby dust to you xx


  • Thanks very much Shoegal82! We are planning to finish our adventure list, we just have one more city break to do, hopefully in the next month or so, so sometime soon, just depending on when I decide to make that appointment! My sis in law is expecting at the moment, due this year, so it might be a busy time, also our Bdays are at the beginning of the year, and so are a few relatives, so we wondered whether to wait to be sure that there's not another early in the year addition to the family! We shall see, if we cannot wait that long, it will be at a similar time to you I guess! x
  • just wanted to pop in and say hello and good luck xx
  • Where have you got left on your list to go? Well that would be good to have a buddy to experience everything with!! xx


  • Hi Littletoots, nice to meet you!

  • Thanks and hi everyone!! Just Geneva in Switzerland, we have pretty much done everywhere else we wanted to go x
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