Change of Plan - Lost my job - Now what!

Hello all,

Just wanted to know if anyone has any advice on the following - would be much appreciated!

I have worked for a small company for 4 years and recently decided to start trying. I knew that they would only offer me statutory maternity pay if I managed to conceive soon. But today (after a long financial struggle) they decided to close the company all together.

I may be entitled to a couple of months redundancy but to be honest the money just isn't there. My question is - If I conceive in the next few months will I be entitled to anything from the government in terms of maternity pay???

It's a bit of a set back and upsetting because I love the company but it didn't come as a shock . I know work is scarce at the moment but has anyone had any luck with more flexible jobs/ or working from home? Wishful thinking I know!

Than ks in advance x


  • Thank you are so right, I do believe that opportunities arise from these situations.

    I shall get on to it all and check out the maternity allowance, and it will be great if I can get a bit of support as I really dont want to put off TTC.

    Isn't this site great - worries put to rest just like that hey?

  • u wont get smp, sorry to be bearer of bad news, but i left my job 2 weeks before i fell pregnant and i was not/am not entitled to smp form government, it works out that u have to be working the day u conceive. u will have to go on jsa (so will need to be seeking work), and then from 28 weeks if u haven't got a job still u can claim income support (depending on OHs wages) from then until baby is 15weeks old. again if ur oh is on low wage u will eb entitled to ??500 maternity grant, and all pregnant women that are legally residing in the uk are entitled to ????190 health in pregnancy grant...but i'm afraid thats it, no smp unless ur working until at least the day u fall pregnant. i only know this as like i say it happened to me, and the jpb centre said to apply, got rejected with dates etc showing, then after ds was born was told to apply agaihn, again rejected as the dates still didn't work to my conception date, i was 2 weeks short hth x
  • Thanks Wow baby - sorry to hear you've had trouble with work also. I shall get myself sorted and for the time being I have some temporary work lined up so that might just cover me if we are lucky! x
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