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Hi ladies,

At the start of this year I have started charting my cycles in preparation for TTC at the end of the year. My first month's chart is a bit all over the place but this month's is starting to look a little more 'as it should'! However I'm up to day 16 and still no sign of OV according to my body temperature. I've also got some OV kits which i've started using today which was negative however there was a very faint result line so perhaps it may be imminent. I've not had problems with fertility before as I was fortunate to conceive both girls in the first month of trying so i'm not worried about that side of things - yet lol!

What i'm wondering is what OV pain feels like? I currently have a strong intermittent stabbing pain on my left side a few inches from my belly button. Could this be it? I've never bothered taking any notice before so wonder if OV pain feels more like a period pain or stabbing pain or something else? I'm just trying to learn how to recognise signs that my body is preparing to ovulate so that by the time we start TTC i am certain of when I do.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Claire x


  • Every woman is different and some don't feel the pains at all, but what you're having sounds like the ov pains I get. Plus I get lots of cm when I am ov which is something else to look out for!

    Do you have long cycles? That would account for why you haven't ov'd yet. I tried to track my ov using BBT and it was a disaster - fluctuated by a couple of degrees a day! And the ov sticks don't work for everybody for some reason.

    I would imagine from the pain and the slight change in your ov sticks that you are ov'ing or about to ov, so make a note of how you feel & how cm etc is and keep a close eye on your temps if you're doing that.
    It's a tricky business this!!

    Good luck! Kel xxx
  • Thank you for your reply Kel.

    Pretty sure from my temps, ov test and increased cm that i have ovulated over the past 24 hours. Will keep charting and hope that by November I have it all worked out!

    Good luck to you too - I read your post that you're going for another one too.

    Thanks again - much appreciated.

    Claire x
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