Anybody know any talking round techniques?

Hiya, yet another post from me, but I can't get baby of my mind....

I'm really desperate to start trying now, (as i've mentioned a good few times lol) Just wondering if any of you know any good excuses/tips/techniques to make OH come on the same wave length as me??

I'm sure he could easily be influenced....I just need some good arguments image

Hope someone out there can help me
Dani x


  • I didn't really have that part to do as it was the OH that started me off. Have you sat him down to tell him exactly how you feel? I think just being completely honest with him would be the best way to go... xx

  • He completely knows how I feel, I talk about it often enough hehe, he just has a sensible head!! I know if it was to happen now he'd be over the moon, he loves being a daddy, he just thinks things through too much!!

    I know he's right by wanting to wait lol I just can't seem to get over my broodiness!! Hmmm never mind, October will soon be here i'm sure!! lol.

    Thank you for replying!! xx
  • No bother jelly_tots. So have you already got children or would this be your first? It will be my first so I'm excited and nervous about it all xx

  • I've already got a little girl image she is absolutely amazing. She was born in October last year....6 months old now image she is such a good baby that I cant see two being a problem image

    Having your first is amazing, Its the best feeling in the world having that little baby growing inside of you! Eeee i'm getting all excited thinking about it again lol...

    Dani x
  • I think i need to stop with the big smilies, im obsessed with them ha image x
  • Lol! My hubby has spent the last year plus trying to talk me around! Don't get me wrong, I can't wait to have a baby, but I also have the sensible head and like to be as prepared as poss for everything whereas he is really impulsive and likes to just go with things without thinking - we kind of balance each other out really! Anyway, I still really want to get our mortgage sorted before we start trying but I'm off the pill now so only a few more months to go...! xx
  • Lol Amyabimum....I hear what your saying but it just doesnt fink in hehe!! I know deep down I should wait, but the wanting overules the knowing image

    Racheybaby we are exactly the same as you but the other way round!! My OH has the sensible head and I am the impulsive one....
    So now you of the pill when are you going to TTC?? x
  • At the moment, we've said we'll start at the end of September as by then we should have the mortgage sorted etc. In a way it seems like ages away to wait, but in another way it seems like no time at all with saving etc! xx
  • my advice is to stop trying to persuade him. Men like ideas so much more if they think that they are their own!!

    I am super broody and we discussed it a bit about a month ago. I told him how I felt and since then I've tried really hard not to mention it too much. I know that he is the sensible one and he is trying to make sure that we have:

    a) quality time as just the 2 of us
    b) enough money to have a baby and not have to scrimp and save
    c) time to spend together when the baby arrives

    We currently have a flat in London and a house in the country and split our time between them. this means 2 mortgages, and 2 of all our bills so isn't exactly a cheap way of living! Despite a 6 figure household inceom (the majority of which is his) I don't think that we could live with only one salary in our current situation. His job is chaotic and he regularly works 13 hour days so that is also not ideal for family life.

    I know it goes against everything that everybody else has advised but try to not talk about your broody feelings too much in front of him. I set myself up with a blog (that he has no idea exists!!) so that I can get everything off my chest. Ive really found it helps and I am a lot less baby obsessed at home!

    Man just need time to accept that they are going to move from "bloke" to father and that takes time to adjust too!

  • well, i totally understand how you feel, my baby girl is 12 weeks old, were going to try for our 4th and last VERY LAST baby in september/october. i love small age gaps and actually belive there easier, i found out i was PG with DD2 when DD1 was 18weeks old there is exactly 12months and 19days between the and its brilliant wouldnt change it for the world, so that could be an pro along with -
    get the baby stages out the way together
    they occupie each other
    there so close (well mine are)
    but on the practical side
    you already have all the baby stuff so alot cheaper 2nd time round
    could take up to 2years to get PG next time you never know
    hope this helps and good luck hope hubby gives you the go ahead!!
  • Ah thank you funshine, those are some valid points for my case... if my broodiness goes beyond manageable I may try some of those out, but for now i've resigned myself to consider his opinions, and try to be sensible.
    Beyondbroody, My OH is already a father, we have a six month old daughter so its not the adjusting. My OH just likes everything planned properly, and money set aside! He likes to make sure we can more then manage.

    Dani x
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