Losing weight before TTC?

Hello ladies!

I'm new to planning and have been lurking for a while!

Just wondering if anyone is losing weight before TTC? If so what are you doing? WW? Slimming World? Other?

Hubster and I have decided, now our baby is approaching his first birthday, that we'd like to start trying for another. I however, put on ALOT of weight when pregnant (baby liked Kit Kat Chunky and Lemonade, what was I to do? :roll: ) I have managed to drop 3 stone since Lo was born, but I still have 2 stone to go and just cant get motivated at all! I'm so broody, but really want to be comfortable with my body before we start trying again.

Claire, xx

(Edited because I put TCC instead of TTC! Doh, all the chocolate biscuits making me giddy!!)

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  • I've lost 3 stone with Slimming world.... am having problems at the mo though, feeling a bit low and can't stop eating chocolate! But generally it works quite well.

    I don't even have a baby to blame... am trying to lose weight before thinking about TTC our first towards the end of the year.

    Fancy starting a weight loss thread?

  • That sound like a plan! Let's see if anyone want to join in, I'll have a wee think about the 'set up'

    I did Scottish Slimmers when I was about 19 and got down to 9st 4lbs (still thought I was fat. Sigh) I have also done Weight Watchers and Slimming World (probably my favourite one) and I currently have a stack of Slim Fast in the fridge!! I just need a bit of motivation to stay away from the crisps, biscuits and Lurpak in the evening once LO is in bed and Mr McG is at work.

    Thr broodier I get, the more disheartedend I get about my weight, the more I stuff my face!! image
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