excited but nrevous....

This is my first post but I have to share my excitement with somebody. We've been married a year and hubby has known how broody I've been for a while, I'd mentioned previously to him the possibility of stopping taking the pill when my pack runs out in 6 weeks but he's always been a bit vague about it. Anyway I bit the bullet and at the weekend said we needed to decide as I either needed to start taking folic acid or go to the doctors for more pill.....and he said 'why didn't you just buy some when we were shopping the other day'! I pointed out it would have been a bit presumtious to buy it without discussing with him first but he was really keen.

...so here we go, we went shopping together and bought some folic acid, took the first one Sunday and I have a month and a half of pill left! This is something I've wanted for ages but now it's quite scary!

It's wierd not being able to talk about this momentous decision with anyone as we're keeping the TTC a secret but I had to share with someone or I might burst!

TTC mid August here we come!


  • aw!! you sound so so excited, thats so lovely. it is such a speicla time for you both. we in our first month of trying for number 3, and it is still as equally exciting. and welcome to BE x
  • Aw congrats on the decision hun, my hub and I decided to start on the 27th June....I am symptom spotting like crazy even though we have only been trying for a couple of weeks hee hee, I wasnt sure I would ever want kids but something just clicked recently and I feel really ready.....never thought I would hear myself say it either!! x
  • Congratulations! I know how you feel about being desperate to share! This is a great place to do it as it's "safe" if you know what I mean? No pressure from families, work etc!

    Hope all gpes well for you. xx
  • aww good luck. it is such an exciting time. I'm going to start taking folic acid again today as we've decided to start trying for #2 in October. It's so exciting already and I haven't even come off the pill yet, lol.
  • Me too....hopefully TTC in October! It seems scary and very real writing this down on an actual message as hubby and I have been the only ones discussing this decision, no one else knows! eekkkk x
  • hiya!! and welcome...
    iv tentatively moved over here as we have been talking about ttc number 2 from october i love being a mummy and im all sorts of emotions right now... excited scared the lot etc and october is coming fast my dd will turn 3 then cant believe it she is amazing though and will be a fab big sister if we are lucky enough!!

    good luck with the ttc xx
  • Thanks for your lovely replies and for sharing the excitement. I've had a bit of trouble with my account over the last week but finally the webed fixed it for me, so sorry for not replying earlier.

    I've just finished the penultimate pill pack so 4 weeks to go now till I'm pill free. The most difficult thing is not getting carried away with the whole thing, I know it could take ages. Work's quiet at the mo so it's hard not to get distracted by this site (!) but hopefully by the time we're actually TTC work will be much busier and I'll have things to take my mind off it!
  • ooh so exciting, good luck hope you get your bfp soon.
    I want us to start ttc no.3 but OH isnt as keen yet, Im giving myself 5 months to persuade him for me to come off the pill. Im due to start a new pack wednesday night but I dont want to xxx
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