When can i join?

Im hoping to TTC next March/April, but seeing as my last baby took 18months of TTC i plan on dusting off my CBFM in January to start charting my cycles, have PCOS so they can be long, am bfing a 8month old too and havent even started them yet anyway image

I just want to be prepared this time, was very much a part of the furniture in TTC :lol: and would prefer not to repeat it, plus i suffered 3mcs before having little man so am aware things dont always go to 'plan' anyhoo, sorry for the ramble, just wondering whens a safe time to join image


  • woomummy!!! does that mean we cld be 'bump buddie' again??? we're thining about starting once ds is one in march too x
  • Hey Susie, thanx wasnt sure if you came here at a certain time prior :lol: Im already excited, im starting my Folic Acid in December, simple things :lol:

    Yes Siany! Imagine if we end up in the same due in again :lol: Depending on cycle length its be March/April, also need to find out if im going onto Clomid or not too....only 4 months and counting image
  • Welcome in Woomummy!!! We would love to have a 'already Mummy' to tell us how lovely it is and how much all this waiting and wanting is worth it!!

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