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I have just come off the pill after 11 years and am taking folic acid (although we are going to still use protection until September), but I'm wondering if the other supplements with vitamins etc are worth taking, and if so, should I wait until we're actually ttc, until I'm PG (fingers crossed!) or now?

Any thoughts??

I know I'll have plenty more to worry about, but I can't help it! :lol: xxx


  • last time we were TTC i was just taking folic acid before then started taking taking a pregnancy vitamin when pregnant to supplement my diet, hubby was taking zinc too,

  • Great, thanks for your experience. That's what I'm thinking I'll do at the moment... not sure my hubby will be convinced to take anything, but I'll mention it to him. Already told him he has to cut down on drinking etc! xxx
  • I think there are some tablets you can get from the chemist called pregnacare that you take whilst trying to conceive...
    I think the idea is to store up nutrients and stuff for when you are pregnant then the baby feeds of them and not you!!
    I never took anything like this with my first because she was a not expected (but much wanted) surprise image!!
    I think i might take the pregnacare when we are actively trying.

    Dani xx
  • Thanks again. I'll look into them... I really want to do everything I can to ensure the best possible chances for a healthy future bump! xx
  • Hi Racheybaby123,

    I have just started taking the Pregnacare tablets which have the folic acid you need and other vitamins for women who are planning a pregnancy, already pregnant or breast-feeding.

    I got mine from this website:

    Or there are these:

    Here are the Wellman Conception too as Susiee mentioned too:

  • Thanks everyone! As we're not going to start trying until end Sept/Oct, I think I'll stick with the folic acid until end of June and then start taking the pregnacare conception so I'm taking that for 3 months before (or longer, depending on how long it takes!).

    Will try and convince hubby on the wellman as well! We'll see though - he already thinks I'm a crazy loon and would much rather do things naturally and just see what happens for a while! xx
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