Folic acid - which are best (and very small)

Hi, which folic acid would you all reccomend? also which are very small asi m not the best at swallowing tablets?
Do you think i should take now - ttc end june/july time??? Also did you take any other supplements?
Good luck to all you xx


  • I've got the superdrug ones, they're tiny x
  • I bought the sainsburys own brand and I can swallow them without water - they are about the same size as the contraceptive pill. I think they are probably all this small.

    Start straight away. The ideal is to be taking them 3 months before you conceive. I was looking at other supplements for pregnancy but they are all so expensive! I keep catching colds so I want to take something to boost my immune system but you're not supposed to take normal multivitamins because of the vitamin A (I think that's the one you shouldn't have too much of). I'm not really thinking about them for improving my chances of conceiving - I just want to be healthier! But if you get a pregnacare or something similar then the folic acid will be included in it so you won't need that separately. But it will be a bigger tablet!
  • boots do a tiny one too im the same cant swallow tablets but these are ok
  • hello i got tescos ones they are tiny i cant swollow any tablets at all, even had trouble with the pill but these are soooo tiny!!! xxx
  • Hi,
    I also have problems taking tablets...well I just cant do it!
    So glad to hear that you can get very small ones!!
    Do you continue taking them once you are preggers? or just whilst ttc? x
  • no problem with swallowing the tablets, but just wondering if you are supposed to start takin the folic acid 3 months before is this whilst you are still on the pill, prob sounds like a daft question but i am planning on staying on the pill until november and then we will come of the pill and start ttc from then, so do i start taking the folic acid from august or just from november when i come off the pill??? didnt know there was so much to do to get pregnant thought it was easy enough to get drunk and it happen by accident like my friend did :S !!!
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