Woohoo - first real AF arrived day 29!

As the title says, after 11 years on microgynon, my first real period has arrived, just before bed on day 29. Sooo happy as I was worried it might take a while, but it's here! Never thought I'd be so happy to see her!

Should have guessed as I had a bad back all Tuesday which I seem to remember getting with real AFs all those years ago... it's worth the pain though. YIPPEE! image


  • yayy!!
    Its sad but i look forward to getting it so i can chart how many days each cycle is lol...one step closer to ttc!!
    x x x
  • Yey! Game on then, bring on 2011!
  • oooo brilliant. I hope I'm that lucky when I finish my pill in Novemeber :\)
  • Thanks lovely ladies! I'm glad I can share my excitement on here! xxx
  • Fantastic news!!!
    I am on CD 28 today and no obvious signs of AF arriving yet. It's been so long since I had a real period that I have no idea what my pre-period indicators are..... I had better stear clear of the whilte jeans for a while!!!

    I'm also a 2011 TTCer - finding myself wishing away the months at the moment!

    What's even worse is that I have got something at the moment (some medical issue that we have yet to get to the bottom of) that is making me look about 4 months PG!! Not good as people keep assuming that I am (if only!!!)

  • hey, i've been talking to you on you and your wedding (I'm wilbur on there). After my pre pill days of cycle anything between 35-45 days and pain so bad i used to vomit, things have gone smootly for me too! 28 days - can't belive it! And it was no worse really than a withdrawal bleed, a bit heavier maybe but not painful. I'm now on day 20 of second pill free cycle, really hoping this is similar, although i know could have been a fluke last time. Might believe it more if my second cycle is regular. Congrats on your AF! x
  • Lol BeyondBroody - I spent about a week thinking very carefully about what I was wearing, just in case!

    Hello alfie (wilbur!). I was saying that to my mum actually - pre-pill, my cycles were longer and tended to be all over the place - hoping they stay like this! Fingers crossed for your next one in about a week then! xx
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