what do you plan to do for a nursery?

Hi Ladies,
I am not TTC until December, but am trying to get my head around a few things now.. For instance, I would love to know what you are planning on doing for a nursery? Will you allocate a whole room, or use a corner of your own room? what are you planning on doing with whatever is in the current nursery-to-be?

we have a huge computer desk and book shelves in our seconf bed room at the moment. No idea what we will do with them!!


  • Hi Curlychick,

    We are ttc so have given it some thought... image

    We have a room allocated if you like that would be a perfect nursery, we have a 3 storey house and on the top floor is our bedroom and one of our spare rooms, so that would be the nursery. It is quite big but at the mo has bits and pieces in it that would probably need to be moved, currently I use it as a bit of a dressing room so it has a wardrobe, chest of drawers etc that might have to be moved or emptied for the arrival of a bubba!

    I haven't got as far as choosing furniture or bedding etc... but know I would like something rather neutral perhaps to begin with before going blue or pink. There are some lovely sets out there so choosing will be difficult I think.

    I am guessing a bubba would be in with us for a while but like the thought of having a special nursery all ready for its arrival.

    What do you think you would like hun??

    Love MrsH xx
  • We live in a two-bedroom house so what is the spare room would become a nursery. It's got a double bed and two wardrobes in it now and I still don't have enough room for all my junk so heavens knows where I'd put it all! We would proably go for neutral colours as I wouldn't want to know the baby's sex beforehand and I don't think DH would either. There's some lovely furniture etc, can't wait til we can go looking!

  • Hi, We bought our house with the intention of it becoming a family home! we have left one of the bedrooms empty which we will use for a nursey........i have not put anything in it otherwise i know i will take it over lol!! Me and hubby have already discussed what furniture and colours we would have and where they will go....i like to be organised!

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  • I am loving your organisation Ready2beparents!!

    Definitely go with keeping the room empty, hopefully not for too much longer image

  • We have a spare room, but ideally we want to move before the end of the Summer, and plan to start TTC in December.

    I think we'll start off in our bedroom, and then move into the second bedroom. At the moment we use our second bedroom as a dressing room- but the new houses we've been looking at have much bigger bedrooms than where we are now, so hopefully will be able to keep our wardrobes in our bedroom!

    I have dreams of a Noah's Ark themed Nursary...

  • we live in a 2 bedroom house so the spare room will b the babys room, but for the first 3-6 months the baby will sleep in our room, have read its safer for the 1st 6 months for the baby to sleep in your room, (any intake will be greatly wanted), if its a girl am doing the wall like a cream/baby pink or cream and peach, doing kinda like a princess or an eeyore (i love eeyore) theme but not over the top, nice and simple chic, as im callin my girl megan am havin her name in the wooden letter and placing them on the walls, with some disney pictuers in frames to brighten up the walls, as well as havin a few pictures of her around the room, am havin a cot (duh!!) wardrobe, draws, with changing area on top of the draws and hopefully a rocking chair and a stool so i can put my feet up lol, am havin the same for a boy but doing a blue/green disnery theme. dont have a name for a boy yet lol (ohh now i wrote it down i want a baby now lol)
  • hehe tryingfornumber1 sounds like youve got it all planned! our first son (now 16 months) slept in our room till around 5 months i think as he was such a noisy sleeper we then moved him into his own room but which had a double bed aswell so we could be in there if needed (has been very handy when hes been ill etc) also just a note the changers ontop of drawers can be a bit of a waste of money as its not safe for very long to change them at a height as they can roll off so easily, always best to change them on the floor and you can get some really nice padded change mats. The Baby show is a great place to find bargains for nursery furniture amongst everything else as they do nice ranges including Mamas & Papas at discounted prices so many good bargains to be had! Also good to keep in mind when no.2 comes along wether you will keep the nursery a nursery & move your first lo into a big kids room or have another room for the next one.
    good luck ttc xx
  • Thanks for the tip about the babyshow Jess!
  • jessicadervin - thanks huni xx
  • wow some great ideas there!! very exciting. Hopefully we will all have a nursery to decorate before too long!
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