What features do you want your baby to have?

My OH's Mam gave him some photos the other day as she said that if we are going to be TTC that I might want to see what OH looked like as a baby. Here are the pictures:


Well the baby is bound to be dark as we both have dark hair, we are both tall. We both have blue eyes but would love the baby to have his as his eyes are more blue than mine and nice and big. I would love the baby to have my long fingers and toes, his nose, Probably his lips. My build as I am lucky to be quite slim. Here are pictures of me and Andrew so you can see what features i am talking about:

http://s819.photobucket.com/albums/zz114/Shoegal_82/Claire and Andrew/

Anyone else thought about this? I am just getting excited with it being so close now to start TTC xx



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  • With my first LO, i had a looong list of what i wanted her to look like, I wanted her to have her Daddy's eyes, my bonde hair, a cute little button nose, rosey lips, born with loads of hair, small ears, lol, I had her perfectly planned in my head....
    When she was born, I really didnt care what she looked like as she was perfect anyway, but luckily for me it seemed like she listenend as she had pretty much everything I asked for, the main was loads of hair, and she had lots image

    I want me second baby, to look just like her, cause she really is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen image xxx
  • Wanna-Bump, my husband's ginger and I'm a brunette and our son's blonde!!

    I didn't think about this when expecting my son and I'm glad as he has ALL of my worst features! He's got my round face, my high forehead (forget a Tyra Banks five-head, mine's more like a six-head!!), my short legs, my crappy eyesight... But as I've said, he's blonde and his hair is gorgeous, he's got my eye shape and colour, and is gorgeous enough to work all the features that don't look good on me! He unfortunately has my quick temper, but does have my husband's immune system, he has my creative skills and hubby's love of 'cooking' and best of all my hubby's love of housework! Yes, my 18 month old hoovers and polishes!

    Next time, I'd just like the baby to physically look like my son. My brother and sister are blonde and no one ever believed we were related :lol: Plus, if they look like him then they'll be gorgeous too image
  • jelly_tots - Ah she sounds like a cutie! I am more curious than anything else about what my baby will look like when I have her, it is just so exciting to think about it.

    Wanna-Bump - Snap I would want our baby to inherit his immune system too as I am exactly the same I get cold really easily, I have quite a sensitive nose and suffer migraines. My OH and his brother were both big babies so I hope I have a small baby! I am sure his Mam said they were both 9lb babies! image Now I know my Mam has always said that I have child bearing hips but would still like a small baby!

    JemmaPuddleduck - My OH was born blonde and is now dark (nearly said brunette there, can men be brunette :\?) and with teeth - god i hope my baby isn't born with teeth!! I have a short temper especially when hormonal god help OH when I have pregnancy hormones running through me too. I have already warned him ha ha image



  • we are definatly going to have red head babies, my mother in law is a red head as is her uncle and so are my neices and nephews on that side.

    i'd love to ahev a baby born with a full head of hair! this is an interesting thread cos i've never really thought about it before. i always imagined i would a tiny baby cos i am quite small but i guess thats not always the case.

    jemmapuddleduck your son sounds so cute

    jellytots, thats so sweet xxxx
  • My neice Evie Louise was born with loads of dark hair. This was her first picture taken by the hospital photographer (which is on the Bounty website - I'm not a proud Auntie at all ha ha):

    http://i819.photobucket.com/albums/zz114/Shoegal_82/Evie Louise Foster/EvieProfPic13Oct09.jpg

    She hasn't lost her hair either these are more recent ones at 5 months:

    http://i819.photobucket.com/albums/zz114/Shoegal_82/Evie Louise Foster/Evie5.jpg

    http://i819.photobucket.com/albums/zz114/Shoegal_82/Evie Louise Foster/Evieinshades.jpg

    Mam says that she is the spit of me when I was a baby. If I have children half as beautiful as Evie I will be over the moon!



  • wow, what a beautiful neice you have shoegal!

    am super duper broody now xx
  • Ah she is gorgeousssss!!!

    I'm gonna try and post a pic of my little one now....if i can :/

    Thats my little girl trying chocolate cake for the fist time image
    As you can tell she loved it! lol

    And another

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  • I haven't thought too much about what our baby will look like. I have thought of temperament though.... my husband always have to know exactly everything and apparently at the age of 5 his Mum was telling him to go look it up himself in the encylopedia! Would like our children to have my OH intelligence and musical talent but with my more relaxed attitude and commonsense! We both really enjoy reading and I find it hard to imagine our children not liking books.

    I worry as my OH family do not have any girls as far as I know but there is only 7 children in 3 generations. I would like to have boys and girls and I know boys can be very loving and girls and their mums can clash....but I really enjoy the relationship I have with my Mum and want the same for me when I'm older so would want at least 1 girl.

    Dolly x
  • septemberdreams - She is such a happy baby even with all her health problems she has. She makes me broody everytime I am with her. Going to see her later after work, can't wait for a sloppy kiss. She now grabs both your cheeks and mouth wide open gives you kisses. Seeing the bond Sarah has with her makes me so jealous, can't wait to have that myself.

    jelly_tots - she is absolutely the most adorable thing i have seen (apart from Evie that is ha ha). These pictures are making my broodiness go into over drive!

    Dolly Mixture - I used to absolutely love reading books when I was younger. I still do and would love any children I have to have that some love. I used to love reading Enid Blyton; Famous Five, Secret Seven were my favourites. I will definitely be encouraging my children to read.




  • Dolly Mixture - I worry about that too. Scientifically the sperm is more likely to determine the sex of the baby so you can kind of tell by looking at your oh, his dad and grandad's siblings whether your more likely to have one sex over another. My husband is an only child, his dad is an only child and his grandma had huge problems with pregnancy - 3 or more miscarriages. His grandad had mostly brothers. Obviously our firstborn is a boy and I love him to bits and would happily have a football team of boys but I'd secretly love a little princess in there somewhere :lol:
  • im easy to please her im in new relationship and my new partner has the most gorgeous blue peircing eyes which draw attention from everyone... all who see him comment on them.... so please please can (when it happens 5mths of trying) let our baby have his blue eyes xxx
  • I've had this discussion with my other half, he always says he wants our children to look like me, and I always say I want them to look like him!
  • My hubby thinks our children are going to be gorgeous no matter which one of us they take after, bless him! Not too vain or anything!!

    We are quite different looking though - both average build and height, but he has very dark hair/mine is blonde, he has very blue eyes/I have very dark brown. I hate both our noses though so baby will not be in luck either way there! We're also quite different in other ways - he left school at 16 with all GCSEs below a C/I went to university and am still studying, he's not academic/I am but I have no common sense sometimes whereas he has loads! Who only knows what our children will be like!!!

    Don't really mind too much in all honesty as long as they're happy and healthy and love their mummy and daddy! xxx
  • I love imagining what they will look like!
    Me and my dp have quite similar features, both blue eyes and blondies so i imagine our child will be the same but hopefully get his eyes as they are a lot bigger and bluer than mine! I also hope our child gets my dps metabolism as he can eat for england and never put on weight which im so jealous of.

    Ultimately a healthy happy, well rounded young person would be ideal and cute little dimples would be the cherry on the top!image
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