Hi Girls,

Looking for some reassuring words.....
Don't get me wrong I want to start soon and due to my age I cannot leave it much longer but I am sooooo nervous.
Sickness - how do women cope when travelling on busy trains? How can you be discrete at work if everyone can see you running to the loos?
Telling work - I really want to keep my job both for financial and social reasons but I am not sure there will be much understanding. The Bosses just need to get the job done, they won't want to hear excuses. I am already thinking which period of the year will they miss me least so they don't replace me.
Coping on my own - My other half works away during the week. No chance of him being able to get job close to home. Therefore I will be the main carer and I have no experience of looking after a little one. T

Please give me some words of wisdom
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