Scarily desperate for baby before even TTC!


Is anyone else worried by how much they want a baby before they've even started trying? I've been thinking of children for 4 years but was sensible and decided I should wait till I finished all my teacher training. Well my husband and I were supposed to start trying now but he's just found out that his company can't keep him and so is looking for a new job. Hopefully it won't take too long but it puts our plans back for at least a couple of months. The worst thing is how desperate I am for children already and we haven't even started trying yet! I'm ridiculously emotional about the whole thing and it's terrifying to be in such a state when I'm just at the beginning of what could be a long journey. Everyone says that you're supposed to be relaxed but I'm already obsessed. Not good.

Anyone else in the same boat?


  • Hi Hun

    I'm sorry to hear your partner has lost his job, i feel for you. its tough stuff. me and my husband are living at his parents because we were renting and wanted to save for a mortgage, weve both been so sensible too. we are still living at his parents for a few more months and have just decided for me to come off the pill to give myself a head start before ttc. i think its up to you both with your life style and see what situation your in. it will be ok hun. some women get preg at the wrong times in their lives and still manage. I hope my message is some help for you.

    Much love xxx
  • Hey Kimbo,

    Thank you so much for your reply. Was feeling rubbish last night and needed to let it out. I'm sorry to hear you're having to wait at the moment as well - it's horrible being sensible isn't it? We lived with parents for 6 months last year - it was okay but I'm really glad to have our own place again! It's a good idea you're coming off the pill now. I came off in February and my cycles are just settling down now although some women go straight back to normal - you might be one of the lucky ones.

    I think we'll wait a little while longer to see if my hubbie can find a job quickly but if it takes a long time then I think we'll have to start trying anyway or I'll go insane! Wouldn't be ideal but as you say, a lot of women have babies at 'wrong' times and it works out okay. Just need to keep myself busy in the meantime. I'm fine when I'm at work but at home I start moping.

    Fingers crossed it all works out quickly for both of us. Take care.
  • We are waiting and saving up/paying off bills etc.... its pants I want to have a baby now!! But realistically we cant even think of TTC until the end of the year image

    I'm obsessed I freely admit it I justify spending ages on here as gathering knowledge and it'll be good in the long term but I spend so much time on here it is silly and possibly making me more broody.But I can't stay away from the Due in Forums!

  • Hey Dolly Mixture (good name!) Glad to know I'm not the only one who's obsessed already! I've been coming on this site for ages and decided it was making my broodiness worse so thought I'd try and stay away for a while. Managed just a couple of days and I was back! It's sooooo addictive!

    Sorry to hear you've still got to wait a while. Hope the time goes quickly for you.
  • Thank hun you too. I try to stay away I just cant!
  • I know how you feel. I have been broady since my my daughter was 1, I was very emotional about it too, my parnter wasn't sure because of how i was reacting, but it took abit of persuding to try for another but he's finally on board!!
    We have been trying for about a year with disapointing results but we have tried to stay relaxed but sometimes it's fustrating and we've had a few arguments about getting TTC. We have done everything that the experts have advised but we are still in the same position we were a year ago, but we are very optimistic that by the end of the year we will be expecting.
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