Having implant removed + TTC

HIya, i just wondered if any1 could tell me how they found conceiving after having the contraceptive implant taken out, we already have 2 kiddies and are now going for a 3rd but im a little concerned about concieving after having the implant for nearly 2 years. Also i've previously had an ectopic which ruptured my right tube so as far as im aware that reduces our chances (although conceived 2 after ectocpic.
Thans in advance for any comments :\) xx


  • Hi,

    I'm having mine taken out in January to ttc for our first.

    This is my second implant (I have had it in for just under two years) so 5 years on the implant all in all, including the other one. I was also on the combined pill and then mini pill for 8 years prior to that, so 13 years of contraception all together, argh!

    I am trying not to get my hopes up about conceiving too quickly, but this in some ways is hard because I keep hearing stories of people conceiving pretty soon after having their implants removed. Even the nurse who put it in commented on this, and I have also heard that there can be a 'surge' in fertility for a few months after stopping hormonal contraception.

    I keep trying to tell myself to expect it to take 6 months at least and then anything before that would be a nice surprise. I'm in a ocnfused state between being very excited and also concerned after all those years on hormones!

    I have realised that I am waffling now and have not really helped you at all! But from what I hear it definitely seems that plenty of people do get pg pretty soon after having implants out so it is possible at least.

    Have you had yours taken out already or are you getting it taken out soon?
  • hello

    No help regarding ttc after implant but I did have one and it made my life hell (correction made my hubbies life hell image) but also had terrible skin etc and once it was taken out I felt better within a few days and skin cleared up in a few weeks, so it can leave your system quite quickly I think. Although I have been left with an enormous scar on my arm when the doc couldn't get it out and ripped my arm open and then decided it didn't need stitched up. Ummm yes it did. image But don't mind me, just think positively and hopefully ttc will be successful soon!

    Cent x
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