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hello everyone... so me and oh are planning to ttc from september and the closer it gets the more impatient im being lol.. im already sneakily looking at pushchairs and moses baskets and getting way ahead of myself... i sooooooo want another baby!! lol but i know its only 1 month away lol just having one of those moments!!!

hope you ladies are all well x


  • & u r too simular spuddy!! i am ridiculously broody now & getting extremely impatient!! just wanna start ttc now! not long now though...i too have been looking at buggies, baby clothes etc & i'm even tempted to pick up some unisex baby clothes in the sales!!
    Roll on sep image
    L xxx
  • Oh god me too! So broody! xxx
  • only one more month... only one more month.. only one more month!! lol

    thats what i keep saying to myself.... i love that both oh and i are excited and planning it that aspect is totally new!! but then if we are lucky enough and we find out early then it will be the longest pregnancy ever as i was 19+4 when we found out with dd.....

    im soo tempted by nursery things and im sure iv chosen my pushchair!! haha!!
  • Lol, I'm glad I'm not the only one who's really impatient to start trying! I have 4 months still though - ARGHHHHH!!! How are we going to manage?!! Hubby and I are forever pointing gorgeous baby things out to each other, and he's even said, would there be any harm in starting to pick up things like wipes, cotton wool etc while its on offer in the supermarket to save money when the time comes.... oohh, its so tempting! Don't want to jinx anything either though - for all we know, things could not go smoothly for us....

    Enjoy your last month of planning! xx
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