Colon Cleanse

I was recommended these to help my IBS problem as I suffer from bloating and these are meant to help with wind. The person that recommended them hasn't been as bloated since she started taking them.

Acai Berry - 2,000mg
Optimum strength antioxidant 'super-berry'
The acai berry is a small, dark-purple berry indigenous to the Amazon rainforest that contains exceptionally high levels of anthocyandins; the powerful antioxidant pigments that help neutralise cell-damaging free radicals.

Often referred to as the 'super berry', the acai has one of the highest nutritional values in the world, hence its association with the term super food. Acai berries are a rich source of amino acids, fibre, omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids, iron and vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C & E.

Each of our natural tablets contains a highly concentrated 500mg extract, equivalent to 2,000mg of whole acai berries.

I need to check that I am not overdosing on vitamins due to me being on Pregnacare too. I have done that before and it wasn't great! I hate being bloated as I do look pregnant sometimes.


  • hmm ive never heard of these but i currently look about 6months pregnant!! im now constantly bloated so anything is worth a go!! and there quite cheap so ill give them a try, might see if holland and barrarts have them save me having to wait.
  • Hi Shoegal82,

    I used to suffer with IBS badly, but about 3 years ago I had a course of colonic irrigation - ok, it's not the most pleasant thing in the world, but it was no where near as embarassing or horrible as I thought it would be....and since then I honestly have not had a problem with my IBS.

    Given it's natural, it may be worth a go. I really do believe it cured mine.

    Good luck. x
  • sarahjj - That was exactly my line of thinking, no harm in giving them a go at that price.

    Mande - I am suffering really badly at the moment due to being on my AF. Did you find your IBS got worse on your AF? I was demented with the pain yesterday!


  • Sorry to hear you had a horrid day yesterday - mine too always used to get worse with my AF! Typical - 2 things at once!
  • Mande - I think I will stick to trying to sort out my diet first before anything like colonic irrigation. Typical having to deal with 2 things at once. I thought it was just really bad periods i have suffered from for a year or so but it has been IBS as well all this time. Not long before i finish AF and can TTC!! Trying to keep positive xx

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