Men! Why cant they make up their minds?!

So yesterday we were driving to MILs and started talking about TTC and I decided to corner hubby to seeif he was definatley on for TTC (no 3) in Dec/Jan time. Well, he comes out with a shocker, he thinks that March/April time was a great time to have a baby (dd was born in March) so maybe we should start trying on our hols in June image
I said no I thought that Sept/Oct would be a good time to havae a baby as I get the summer hols off paid ( I know theres no gurantee I would fall straight away of course but Ive always concieved quickly in the past) so Dec would be anbetter time to start. What does he say to that? "Oh why didnt we start trying Dec just past then?". This from the man who wasnt definate he wanted to go for no 3 :lol:
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