Another Newbie!!!!


I am very excited about the prospect of being a mummy!! Been off the Pill since January and TTC in June/July. Been lucky so far that my cycle seems to be in a routine! Been on Folic acid for a while now.......its just the waiting game to play!!! God knows what i will be like when i am actually trying!

Anyway thought i would say Hi, and join this forum as i think i may be starting to drive hubby a little crazy with baby talk!



  • Hi and welcome to planning!! We are ttc may/june time, getting close now and its so exciting! I'm coming off the Pill in May and we are going to start ttc straight away, have been taking folic acid since Feb.

    Know what you mean about driving hubby crazy! My hubs is looking forward to ttc but thinks I'm crackers for always coming on this site!

    Look forward to chatting more!

  • hey huni, welcome, everyine is lovely on here xx my bf says im crackers as im planning loads in advance, were ttc from end of may onwards xx
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