Maternity Pay in NHS

Anyone else work for the NHS and know what you are entitled to? I read the policy for our Trust and really can't get my head round it.

Over 12 months continuous service you are entitled to 26 weeks ordinary leave and 26 weeks additional leave. If you are returning to work it is broken down as:

39 weeks Statutory Maternity/Adoption Pay:
8 weeks at full pay
18 weeks at half pay, plus any Statutory Maternity/Adoption Pay or Maternity Allowance (including any dependents'allowances) receivable, providing the total receivable does not exceed full pay
13 weeks at ??112.75 or 90% of pay, whichever is lower.

I think I may email my friend who is off on Maternity leave at present to see what she did. I am also going to email someone in H.R. to find out as I really can't get my head around it at present :\?


  • Well that made everything so much more easier to understand, thank you very much! I will have to work out what I get weekly as I only know my monthly salary. I get my increment this month and cost of living rise so will work it out tomorrow when i get paid! Thanks again Wanna-Bump. You are turning out to be my agony aunt ha :lol:

  • Well you certainly did help. I have just got my pay slip and my net pay a month is now ??1226.14 (??62 rise a month, better than nothing) so I have divided that by 4 to get my weekly pay. So if I have worked it out right I would get ??306 for 8 weeks, then ??278.14 for 18 weeks then if I added the NHS bonus ??124.88 for 13 weeks. I am not sure whether I could do the bonus 13 weeks unless I managed to sell my flat. I have a few things to discuss with my OH when he gets back at the weekend! Thanks again :\)

  • I also work in the NHS, and I think you may have worked it out slightly wrong - you need to multiply your monthly salary by 12 then divide by 52 to get your weekly pay, as there is usually slightly more than 4 weeks in a month - a grand total of ??282.95, not ??306 a week - sorry! The NHS will never give you more than they have to!!!

    Also be warned; when you actually leave your job, even if you are transferring to another NHS role, if you put on your letter of resignation that your last day of service is a Friday, as you start your next job on the Monday, they will deduct the Saturday and Sunday off you, even if you don't work weekends!!! ALWAYS write that your last day of service is the Sunday date, making your last actual working day the Friday date. I've worked in the NHS 19 years, and the buggers will claw whatever they can back from you!!! Hope this helps; sorry it's a bit less than you thought image

    T xx
  • Thanks Tjm! That was why I was never good at Maths at school ha! I will be ok on the full weekly pay. I will really need to sell my flat as when I go down to 18 weeks half pay it wouldn't cover the mortgage and bills. I have already moved in with OH but still have an empty flat that needs finishing so we can put it up for sale.

    I am not leaving my job so don't need to worry about that but thanks for the advice though xx

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