Baby number 2?????

i have a 17month old little boy who i love to bits, and im getting married in 13week we want to start trying for our 2nd baby but wonder if now is the right time to start, it took 9month to get pregnant with my son but knowing my luck ill get caught straight away i need advice on whether to start now or wait plzz help


  • oooh congrats on your forthcoming wedding, i would love to do it all over again!

    i think it depends what you want from your day and honeymoon, we were trying from june and got married in sept as we hadnt concieved by then we had a rather drunken time :lol:

    i think if you are happy with the chance it could happen striaght away and the chance you may feel crap on your wedding day i would go for it, i was quite lucky and i was fine during my pregnancy.

    we are going for no2 at the end of the year

    good luck
  • Who knows... we stopped using contraception last February and I conceived straight away- we had our wedding booked for October, but brought it forward to May- I was 17 weeks when we married, and I think I 'got away with it'- most people knew anyway, or at least they did by the time the speeches were over. I really enjoyed our wedding, and it felt special that our little one was there with us in a way.

    Good luck!
  • Hi,

    I think you should keep in mind it could happen straight away. I have an 18 month old boy and am 14 wks pregnant. It only took a few weeks to conceive 1st time around, and this time it happened on the 1st try, so u never know. I am really sick this time, so you don't want pregnancy sickness to ruin your big day either.. good luck either way.x
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