coming of the pill this month and ttc!!??

hi guys i have been thinking about it for a while now about coming off the pill and having another but didn't know how to bring it up with hubby as our youngest has downs syndrome and is the light of our lives but i think it would be great for her to have someone to look up to even though she is the oldest. spoke to hubby last weekend and he didn't say anything for a few days but then said when are we going to start trying!!!!

eeekkk i was really happy he wanted the same.

it was hard work at the beginning with youngest as we had all the blood tests and all came back low risk and i was only 22 so when she was born and we got told she had downs it was a shock. now 4 years on she is amazing and doing everything that other kids do and is starting mainstream in sept!!!
i feel ready now she is in full time education, but she was conceived on the pill so not sure what to expect when coming off and trying to conceive!!
i had regular periods before and whilst on the pill and had regular as well when i took 6 months off after having my little girl. hope this continues after but would really like some advise on what to expect and if there is anyone coming off pill now and ttc!!
thanks girls will be really appreciated xxx


  • Hello,

    I'm off the pill now but not ttc yet. For me, first cycle after coming off the pill was 29 days. I'm guessing if you were fine last time yo were off it, this should be a good indication that all will be regular for you this time too (fingers crossed!). Just wanted to wish you the best of luck with everything anyway. xx
  • thankyou very much and the same to you, when are you going to start trying?? im not exactly the most patient person so its going to be hard i think!! i have bought the ov tests and a thermometer just so i feel like im doing somthing and trying my best to work out the right times but want it to be fun aswell! going to come off before we go on hol in july to give me time for a withdrawl bleed before i go then hopefully wont be on for holiday. does this sound ok? as want to come off asap but not be on for holiday so thought this should work out great if i time it right??
    its so exiting think thats why im so nervous. be great to here everybodyys thoughts! xxxx
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