have you had these symptoms


I wonder if you can help me , I have been tracking my AF and fertility only for coupld of months, ususally when I ovulate I dont feel anything much, just have the mucus

A week ago on Tuesday I got a positive from a ovulation stick, and did the deed...

On wednesday, I had period pains, v sore, lasted until sat/sun, which i put down to OV pains , even tho cant remember feeling this pain before.. over this time I also felt quick sick, tired, and dizzy, constipated... windy

This week from about Tuesday onwards, I have had a dull pain in the bottom of my back, and top of my stomach, and dull ache on the left side on my stomach now... My back is aching at the bottom left too...
I feel extremly tired, no energy at all, but yet I was up and out of bed at 5am... I dont have any sickness anymore, still have some dizzy moments , but not as much as through the ovulation above...
I am suppose to be exercising, but when I do the ones that stretch my back or stomach, just too painful..
when I move my stomach hurts more, and when my LO leans on my stomach it hurts too... the gentlest of touches hurt

sorry this is so long if anyone has had the same sort of thing and been preg, can you let me know


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