i may be joining you soon!


just thought i'd say hello and this sounds like a lovely forum as i'm not quite ready to TTC again just yet but i do constantly think every day when we should start!

so a little bit about me to introduce myself:
have been a BE member for a couple of years now and i couldn't have coped without it. i've made some lovely friends and i've had so much support throughout the last few years. i married my hubby in 2007, were unsure when to start TTC, then started TTC in Jan 2008 but sadly experiences two MCs that year. After my second one i had so much determination that we would get a sticky bean and i fell pregnant straight away. i was a nervous wreck throughout my pregnancy but i am delighted to say our gorgeous little Thomas was born two weeks early, in May last year. he makes me laugh so much and i'm so in love with him. i know how lucky we are to have him so if i'm not meant to have any more then so be it but i would love another baby, and we have often talked about having three in total!! so we'll see.

the earliest i would like to TTC is late summer, which would mean a 2 year age gap between them and i'm undecided what to do for the best!!!! he is a very active little boy.

has anyone got any thoughts on age gaps??? i've so much to think about!!!!

it did suddenly hit me the other day that i will need to start taking my folic acid etc in the next few months though if we want to be pregnant by the end of the year.

anyway i've waffled on enough, just thought i'd say hello and i look forward to getting to know you xxx


  • Hey mrs_e I remember you from TTC 2008 lol! I started TTC late Jan/Feb 2008, fell straight away but had a mmc in April 08.I fell within 2mnths with Isla who I had in March 2009 :\)
    I would also like 3 kids, we also have Matthew who is 6 and we are thinking of TTC no 3 in December. If we fell quickly there would be a 2.5yr age gap between Isla and baby. There is a 5.5yr age gap between Matthew and Isla and while it does have advantages I wouldn't like such a big gap again. DH has been hinting that he would like to start trying earlier though and have around a 2yr age gap! ;\)
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