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very very excited....

I was talking to Rick earlier about the possibility of changing my surname by deedpoll to his and jakes until we can afford to get married etc but he said he would rather just set a date for the wedding...so we are looking at spring next year.....

sooo girlies...i have about four stone to lose??? or whatever get me down to a size fourteen which is my ideal...i know that seems big but i am five foot nine and really broad...size twenty now so is quite ambitious!

so ladies...it all starts tomorrow after a celebratory chinese tonight lol!

And and and ttc a honeymoon baby...!! (His words, not mine!)

Gosh sorry im going on....



  • Mousenose - congratulations!!!

    Wedding planning is just as much fun as baby planning... and you have something to aim for with the weight loss (its been the best thing for me as a serial yo-yo dieter)
  • Aww mousenose...congratulations!image enjoy your Chinese!... I'm sure u will savour every mouthfull. Hehe xxx
  • Woohoo... thats great news!! Good luck with the weight loss, i agree with nic that having something to aim for will do you the world of good!!

    And i'm sure lots of people will tell you weddings dont have to be that expensive!! xx
  • hey- dont know if this helps but on You and Your Wedding I'm involved in a weight loss thread with some other great girls where we keep a food and excercise diary and do a weekly weigh in!! it really helps having the support - I've lost 2 1/2 stone!!!! One of the girls updates it every week and keeps track of our weights we're on week 29 but lots of the girls have only been involved for a month or two and all newcomers are welcome- they are also a great sounding board for wedding stuff!!!

  • That's brill! maybe we should have a losing weight thread? I've got 1 1/2 still to lose!
  • good grief mousenose what a lot of exciting things to decide in one day!!!! congratulations!
  • Congratulations, that's great news!! I love it - another wedding!! I just said in hopefulmummy's thread that the good news just keeps coming this week - it's brilliant!!

    As for weight loss - i've got 2 stone to lose so finally started weight watchers properly Monday! Like the other girls say, a wedding is a great incentive, esp as we all want to ttc too. I think Nickx's idea of a weight loss thread is great - we can all support each other!

    Congratulations again and enjoy the chinese! x
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