Newbie saying hi

Just thought I'd make the leap from lurking to actually joining in as planning to start TTC #2 in December and I'm getting very excited as it seems quite close now. DD is one in a couple of weeks and I've been broody for ages but as a teacher I really hated being on maternity pay over the summer last time whilst every other teacher was also off and getting fully paid so we're aiming for Sept onwards this time! I also still have a stone to lose of baby weight before OH will let us try again and I'm doing slimming world (I've lost nearly 2 already), although I would ideally like to lose 3 1/2 so I could be the weight I was when we met.

Anyway, have been hanging around reading posts and looking forward to joining in now I've signed up!


  • Hiya!

    My hubs and I are waiting until Dec before trying for our first although I just had a chemical pregnancy after getting pregnant on our honeymoon. We have mainly financial and boring practical reasons for waiting a few months but it's hard and takes a lot of self control!
  • Hello and welcome! Look forward to chatting to you soon. xx
  • Hi hun,
    Me & dh will b ttc sep time so bit earlier than u but i may not fall straight away!! it's so exciting isn't it?! i've already got a gorgeous ds but he was a 'surprise' so all this ttc planning is new to me...& confusing lol!!
  • Thanks for the replies! Look forward to chatting some more...
  • welcome to planning Becks xx
  • hi hun

    welcome to planning and wishing you lots of baby dust xx
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