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Joining You

Hi guys. I am joining from TTC, as we have put it on hold for a bit. I never did join planning last time, as was going to start trying the end of this year but brought it forward so jumped straight into TTC. we have put ttc back as have uncertainty around hubbys job, but more so because I want to change my career before having a family. im gutted as really want a family and at the same time really want a new job, its going to be hard when AF finishes and we have to be careful. in the meantime before ttc again im hopefully going to get loads of tips and hints from here and make some new friends! i was debating going back on the pill but dont want to mess my cycles up and I may change my mind yet :\?


  • Hello so excited.
    It sucks you have to put back ttc.
    I know what you're going through in a way, my partner has beeing trying to change career since before Christmas but theres a lot of waiting involved with what he's looking at. I keep thinking about changing my job as well I don't enjoy it at all but the moneys good and I can't really afford to take a paycut right now. We're hoping if he gets the job he wants I won't have to work once we have a little one but I somehow see that as a distant dream! Theres a god chance our original plan of May 2011 won't work out if his job doesn't so I'm hoping the pre.ocess gets moving soon. Anyway sorry for the long winded response, hopefully we'll all be able to share some tips for when we move over to ttc.
    I so hope it all works out for you :\) xx
  • thanks for your response. totally know what you mean, its the not knowing on the job fronts. my job isnt that badly paid but i dont want to do it all my life and i want to totally change career direction which will be so hard with a little one. hubby may find out about a job this week which he has been headhunted for, its shifts but a 6k payrise so money aint the huge issue, its just me not liking my job and see no progression with it, but then again training to do a new job could take years.... so upset about it
  • Awww hun try not to get too upset. It is possible to re train after having kids it just takes longer. It's so frustrating when you really want something but are torn. I'd love to completely change career but I guess I'm a little scared to leave something I know I can do, which sounds ridiculous I know. It'll be great if your hubby gets this job, it'll give you a bit of time to focus on what you'd like to do, you never know if you're moving onto something you'll love then you could progress really quickly. People doing something they want to do tend to take in more and do that little bit extra so they can get what they want out of the job.
    Fingers crossed for you and big hugs x
  • I sympathise, it must be tough to stop trying once you've started! How long have you been ttc? I think these are issues that affect so many people - i feel miserable at work but don't want to leave my job and fall pregnant with no maternity pay, Wish i had a crystal ball so i could know when it will happen - if i knew it would be six months or so could start somewhere else! Just don't think i could go back on contraception now - i've waited so long for finally being able to try for a baby. It must be really hard for you hun. I personally wouldn't go back on any hormonal contraceptives, i dont think theyre great for the short term if you know you'll want a baby fairly soon. Of course, there'll be the temptation to not bother with condoms here and there if you are broody but i guess you have to be honest with yourself about exactly what you want and go with it. Good luck and hope it all works out.
  • Gosh, I totally sympathise with you.

    I absolutely hate my job; the only thing that's keeping me there is the fact that we want to TTC later this year and I couldn't do that if I moved jobs. We have thought long and hard about delaying TTC in order to let me change jobs first; in the end, I decided I would rather put up with a few more months of crapness and TTC in November as planned.

    It could so easily have ended up the other way, like you. It's a massive decision; you need to be happy in your job, especially if you're thinking of going back to it.

    Sorry - not been very much help but just wanted to say that I sympathise and understand what you're going through! Keep smiling lovely.

    B xxx


  • thanks for your responses. sorry for my late reply, I have had a really busy week at work. on a really positive note, hubby got the job I mentioned in my earlier post. makes me even more torn though as means got the stability, can afford it and his new shifts mean we wouldnt have to pay for 5 days childcare if I went back to work full time. probably just 2, which would be great. i just dont know whether to follow by head that i dont want to stay in this career for ever and my heart which is i really want a baby. ive applied for one role starting in sept, its 4 years training but we could probably try a year or so in. if i dont hear back from that one then we will move to ttc. in the meantime i guess its condoms for us, as dont wana go back on anything more long term x
  • oh and we had been trying 2 months!
  • Hello,
    Congrats to hubby on the new job! I know how hard it is not to try when you really want to. I am off the pill and using condoms but its sooo tempting to just see what happens, but have to re-mortgage next summer so not going to start trying until December. Good luck with your application! At least it starts soon so you'll have something to focus on as well. xx
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