OMG! how bad is this

a friend of mine had a abortion a couple of years ago (i dont agree to abortions but everyone has circumstances), a couple of years later her and he other half decided to try for a baby now they were better able to look after it. 2 years later, nothing. so she went to the doctor about it the other day, he turned round and said 'no you wont get pregnant, when you had the abortion the hospital fited you with the coil', they had failed to ask or even tell her!


  • oh my goodness that is horrendous and shocking.
    Surely it is against the womans human rights for them to do that?
    I take it this coil can be easily removed?
  • yes,its a long term contraceptive, can last up to 10 years depending on the type, im not sure if she is doing it but i would sue the arse off the nhs for that!
  • omg, did she not sign for it or did they not tell her? thats bad that.
  • Oh my god thats awful, i'd sue them! You'd be so angry wouldn't you
  • Thats typical of hospitals ,always giving you something you dont want.I think she should count her lucky stars it wasnt the mrsa bug .
  • That's awful, i hope she does take further action against them if only to stop the same thing happening to another poor woman.
  • That is dreadful!!!

    It really bugs me when you hear a story like this as the NHS is supposed to be there to support us, not make life more difficult!

    She should sue!
  • apparently there were complications during the abortion so she had to be taken into theatre, they told her whilst she was comming round from the aneasthetic! like you can agree to anything whilst you are still comming round!
  • That is really bad, they should have told her when the aneasthetic had worn off, i would sue them!
  • Same here,a few here no i had an abortion a good few years ago(medical reasons)but if id ever come round to be told this i dont think i would remember either. How in general was she treated as it doesnt sound nice.
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