Hi Gill and welcome to PP

I know it won't feel like it to you but a year isn't an unusaully long time so there definately is still hope for you

Both my oh and i were 23 when we started trying for our fist baby and in total (incluing a miscarriage) it was 2 yrs before Ethan was born. I then concieved amber as a complete surpirse!!!

I can't offer you much advice on ttc but i know some of the other girls on here are experts so i'm sure you'll get lots of advice!!

But stay positive, perhaps try and think of something else for a while, perhaps a holiday? Did the trick for me!!!

Keep us posted!

Tasha xxxx


  • Hi Gill,

    Welcome to PP - I'm Sarah and me and my hubby are also ttc #1 although we have only been trying for about 4months.

    I can offer much advice but if you want a chat give us a shout.
  • Hi Gill. Welcome to PP. I would def advise a holiday, worked for me too! It took me nine months to concieve my first and 15 months with my second after I was assured that I would fall pregnent at the drop of a hat the second time around. Just relax and try to stop thinking about the end result and enjoy the journey. Good luck, and try not to worry. N. xx
  • Hi Gill i'm sarah and it took me 3 years to concieve jd, i had blood tests, scans and finally a lap and dye op. I'd advise to go on a hol and relax and try not to worry, when you focus all your efforts into concieving it doesn't work. If you want to chat just say. Best of luck x x
  • hi iam jade and iam ttc baby 1
    me and mt hubby have been trying for 2 and a half yes now (he already has 4 kids) at the mo i am on clomid to try and help if you need to talk you now were to come hop to chat soon
    jade xxx
  • Hi Gill
    Welcome to the site.
    Im Emma mum to Riley and it took us 8mths trying before i fell with riley.

    I wish you all the luck and like the girls have said,take a break and relax as much as you can.
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