sorry !!

Hi ya,hpoe it all goes ok for you.
Me and riley are fine just not liking the cold weather.


  • Hi Karentia,

    Glad your well - i know how you feel about finding out everyones pregnant - so far nearly everyone I met is pregnant or there OH's are - grrrrrrrrrr

    Oh well we've now decided to try the "we're not trying approach" lol guess we'll see how we'll get along lol
  • Hi girls,
    As you know I am in the same boat too. Periods have become irreg again and didn't ovu at all last month. Fertile time for me, who knows? Kinda not so on one about trying just gonna calm down and see what or if anything happens! Fingers crossed for both of you. x
  • I'm keeping my fingers firmly crossed for you all. When i was trying 4 of my friends and work colleuges fell pregnant without even trying and i used to sob in the toilets when i found out. You def have to have fun and relax about it and maybe get the karma sutra and give that a go. Some of those positions are not pretty.... LOL
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