Hello from A newbie long termer...

hi aim jade ttc 1 i am going through firtility treatment at the mo
jade xxxx


  • Hi Peroni,

    I'm Sarah - ttc#1 - welcome to PP.

    This website is good for chat or advice so look forward to chatting to you soon x
  • Hi Peroni,

    I am Pauline, mum to two and ttc number 3. Good luck with ttc and the fertility treatment.
  • Hi Peroni, i'm sarah mum to jd (concieved naturally after 3 years ttc and tests galore)
    Good luck with the ivf and hope to chat soon x
  • Hi ya and welcome to pp.
    Good luck and keep trying.chat soon

  • Hi,

    Welcome to pp, and good luck ttc. I'm Karen and mami to Hollie. xx
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