Just a quick hello to introduce myself. Im stacey, mum to 4 year old Bayley and waiting to have my implant removed to start ttc no2. good luck to all those ttc and all those who are already pregnant


  • Hello Stacey, welcome to PP.

    I'm Zoe mum to Jack and Charlotte. Sending baby dust your way, good luck.
  • Hi, Thanks for the baby dust and the good luck.
  • Hi Stacey

    Welcome to PP, good luck ttc!!!
    Fingers crossed and baby dust for you!!!
    I seem to have baby dust in excess so i am sure I can spare some!!!!!
  • Hi thanks for sharing. i just wish my apiontment to have the implant removed would come round a bit faster. I've been waiting four weeks to have it removed now but only another few days to go.
  • hi, im claire, mum to josh 6, isaac 11 months adn leighton who would have been 2 in april but was stillborn. good luck ttc
  • Hello! I'm sarah mum to jd 5 months, good luck with ttc and hope time til getting implant removed flies by!! I've just had one put in, how did you find it? Thats if you don't mind me asking x
  • Hi Claire
    Im Emma mum to riley.
    Good luck with ttc.
  • Hi Stacey,

    I'm sarah - welcome to PP - me and my hubby are ttc#1 - look forward to chatting to you soon
  • Hi, I think I have actually been really lucky with the implant. For the first few weeks it was really itchy but thats really the only problem i have had. My sister in law had one at the same time and she bled constantly for 6 months so had to have it taken out again. The one great thing about the implant is you can just forget about it. I have had mine for the full three years now and even now i haven't got any problems.
  • Hi Stacey
    Welcome to pp
    My name is Simone and i am mum to Jessica

    Good luck with ttc2 and hope to chat soon
  • Hiya Stacey

    Welcome to the addictive world of PP!!!!
    I'm Dawn mummy to Cameron 13 months, and feeling seriously broody for number 2!!!!

    Good luck ttc!!
    Take care xx
  • Thanks, hope i get on ok with it, don't feel anything apart from bruised so will see. Chat soon x
  • Hi Stacey.

    I'm Sally and I'm expecting twins in october.

    Good luck ttc.

  • hi stacy i am jade ttc 1 with help just to let you now you ticker has not worked hop to chat soon
  • Hi Stacey,

    I'm Karen and mami to Hollie, welcome to pp and good luck ttc.
  • Welcome to PP and good luck with ttc
    I'm tasha and mummy to Ethan and amber x
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