1-2 DPO

.... and i soooooo hope this is our month! I wonna join the bump list! lol. Far to early to start SS but im sure in a few days, i will be obsessing! My friend got me a beaded braclet and the stones in it are supposed to relieve stress and increase fertility. So im full of pma today! lets hope it lasts.

Please keep your fingers crossed for us x


  • Me too.......I want to join the bump list !!! I keep telling myself 2010 will be a great year. I have my fingers & toes crossed for us all xxxx
  • I have everything crossed for the 2 of you and any others still bfp hunting too. The bracelet sounds like a lovely idea and I hope it brings you extra baby dust. Take care and wishing you all, all the best x
  • Good luck to you both, I'll be trying to get back on the bump list soon!! Fingers crossed xx
  • Good luck! Also waiting to be on the bump list but think AF arriving today. Did a test yesterday. BFN. What a way to end the year and start 2010! George, x
  • Well im now 4/5 dpo... and i dont think we have done it this month, im havin all my usual 'symptoms' that ive been getting when im not preg. Im still staying positive and hopefull until i know though!!....

    Has anyone ever had a bfp with all their usual (non preg) symptoms???

    Hope things are going well for u waiting4baby! Wooly, dotty1977 and george35 also anybody else waiting on a bfp - we willl get our bfp's and have sticky healthy beans!! xx
  • hiya!
    i just wanted to say that with this pregnancy, i really had no symptoms till i was just past 6 weeks.... and i meen nothing !!... i was convinced i was going to miscarry as i had an early mc before my angel in jan.. and had no symptoms with the mc... but did with my other pregnancys... just goes to show pregs different.
    i was so desperate to be preg again after losing my daughter in jan 09 that i was obsessed, anyway during the summer i decided to put my ttc energy into losing weight and joined a gym, was going evryday for 2 weeks!! went on a caravan holiday drank soooo much wine!! 2 weeks after i came back i had my bfp!!.... wot im saying is it happened wen i really wasnt trying!.....everyone says that i know!!! and had absolutly no symptoms!!
    i really have my fingers crossed and i really hope u get a 2010 baby!!!!!
    take care
  • Thanks for your reply Lisa... Good to see i can still have some hope! I really am trying to focus my attention on something else but im finding it very hard! I keep trying to get my oh to let me plan a wedding! ( we arent even engaged) lol.... He says we should concentrate on one thing at a time..... haha.

    Anyway hope things are ok with you and your bump and the bleeding ha stopped xxx thinking of you
  • i know exactly what u mean that u need something massive to take ur mind off it,
    in jan i was desperat to be preg again.... sort of get back to where i was if that makes sense?
    then in may which was her due date we had a holiday.... but i was looking at college courses , jobs etc i really felt i wanted to do something big...
    do u work at the minute?
    maybe u shud have asked him to marry u ! lol...tho i think its the man job!!... i sound old fashioned ! lol
  • Oh the dreaded 2ww, I'll be back there soon. We're ttc straight away, luckily with my loss this itme i have had a normal period, I suppose with it being early it wasn't going to be too bad, thankfully!!
    Anyway, have you heard about the Sperm meets egg plan (SMEP). I tried it last month and got my BFP, i'll be trying it again this month too!! I have my fingers crossed for you that it will happen this month, but if it doesn't then give it a try, here's the link:
    Good luck xx
  • Lisa- I am at college, doing my nc in early years education. Thats 3 days a week and i have a two day a week placemant in a playgroup... I am really enjoying it. I never went back to my job after my maternity leave finished- couldnt face it to be honest.

    Im with you on the traditionalist front! No way could i ask Russel to marry me, it would just feel wrong! I want my romantic suprise anyway... lol. Ive always liked the idea of getting married pregnant, i love it when brides have a big baby bump in their photos.... although im not sure how pratical thatd be!!

    Thanks for the link dotty, i will definatley give the smep a try next month if no bfp this month... How are you feeling? such a cliche' question i know... xx

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  • Hi hun! Keeping everything crossed that this is your month! When will you be testing? Xxx
  • Thankyou becky... I am going to try and wait until I am late... Eeek. So my longest cycle recently has been 32 days so I will or should be waiting until atleast the 12th. 8 days from now. But I will probably gave a test on the Sunday before the 12th( Sunday the 10th) depending on how things go.. I'll keep u all updated. Xx
  • Everything crossed for you. I'm not sure when my 'symptoms' came in but I was just tired and snappy which couldve been down to anything really lol! The only sign of a bfn is af so keep your pma and have a good shake with your bracelet, I've everything crossed for you and all the others. We'll all get there and it will be so worth the wait x ps good luck with the engagement hinting- could you point out a ring youlike and be innocently oblivious that it's an engagement ring heehee!
  • Lol at the hinting suggestions! I think he knows me to well and would suss me out...

    I'm sure all the stress and heartache will be worth it in the end, when were holding our babies in our arms or waving them off for their first days at school! If it's not the month for a bfp for me this month then I will just keep trying.. Xx
  • Are you on your 1ww now?? Exciting and nervewracking, I really hope it's your month xx
  • Hello, yes my period would be due anytime between sunday and the thursday after, going by my recent cycles... so aiming to test on the tues 5 days to go..... but to be honest im pritty sure af is on way! sucks!!

    We will soon see i guess, trying to stay positive till then xx
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