20 Week Scan today

Hi Girls,

Well i've just got back from my 20 week scan and i'm so happy!! Everything is well with the babies, i'm 20 weeks today and they are measuring at 20+1 & 20+3 which is great. Both babies were wriggling about so much which suprised me as i've not felt an awful lot of movement from them at all!!

The news i'm sure you're waiting to hear is that we are on team...........BLUE

We're both really chuffed and would have been happy with whatever we were having. image

Hope you are all well xx


  • Wow, thats fantastic news DJ!!! I'm glad that all is well with your little boys. I bet you feel glad having been able to see them today. Really happy for you and oh.

    Take care xxx
  • excellent news im so pleased 4 u !!!
    bet u r so chuffed!
    2 litttle boys!!... sleep all u can now !! lol
    take care
    Lisa xxx
  • Thanks girls, yes we are chuffed to bits but still worried to hell at the same time!! All i can say is the first 20 weeks really have flown by, I just hope the next 18 do too!! And thanks for the advice Lisa, I will catch up on the sleep while i still can!! I bet Vinnie is keeping you busy, so pleased for you.
    Sohappy, I saw that you got AF and will start "officially" trying. I remember saying that when we lost Ewan and the "officially trying" started immediately as opposed to waiting the 3 months we said we would, I wish you all the luck in the world, you deserve some happiness xx
  • Fab news!

    I'm so happy your two little boys are well and happy!

    I'm also wishing the time away, I just want to hold my baby and bring her home! Won't be long for either of us hun!

  • Hi Jackie, awh thats fab news. I'm so pleased everything went well at your scan. Congratulations on expecting 2 little boys, I bet your'e thinking of names already? Lisa is right, you best sleep as much as you can now!!
    Take care and look after yourself, Luv kathryn xxx
  • I know I've replied already but yay, yay, yay. Glad everything was ok and although it wouldn't matter what you were having, how exciting that you can start planning a bit more and personally I find boys names so hard to come up with so having to find 2 (or 4 if you need middle names) would take a lot of planning If you're like me lol!
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