Did the delivery suite tour!!

Hi Girls,

I'm 27+1 today and can't wait to get tomorrow over and done with!! Anyway, I went on the delivery suite tour last night with my OH and ended up a blubbering mess!! When i went in to have Ewan last year I paid no attention whatsoever to my surroundings, I literally just followed the midwife up to the room where we delivered him. Anyway, last night we were taken to the birthing pool and it turns out it was the room next door to where Ewan was born. I didn't realise immediately but then my OH grabbed my hand and asked if i was ok and it all clicked!! I had to go into the toilet as i could feel myself welling up and it was quite embarrassing as there were probably about 20 other mums & dads to be on the tour!! I'm sure they all thought that the thought of giving birth had hit me and I was scared, probably thought I was a complete wimp!! The midwife came in to see if i was ok and my OH told her the relevance of the room next door and she was so apologetic (really not her fault). They don't usually take people into that birthing pool room on the tour as there are 2 upstairs in the birthing centre that are usually free, but on this occasion they were being used (sods law eh!).

Anyway, I was fine as soon as we left that area and my OH and I got to take a look in the neonatal unit (we were the only ones due to having twins) and it was fabulous, all really new. There was a mum in there with her little boy who was born 3 weeks ago at 26 weeks who let us come in to see him. He was so tiny but gorgeous, he just needs to put on some weight and then he can go home soon. Seeing how they were filled me with confidence about how they will look after my boys IF they need to go in there.

I've got appointments tomorrow with the midwife and the consultant and then my 28 week scan is scheduled for this Friday morning. I will come back and let you know how I get on, fingers crossed.

Hope you guys are all well, Jackie xx


  • Oh that must have been hard for you and hubby. I suppose memories like that are impossible to avoid for us all. Every time ive had an appointment at the hospital, you cant help but remember things. I always remember after Darcey had passed, Russel and I went outside for some fresh air, it was the middle of the night must have been about 2/3 in the morning. And we were sat outside the hospital entrance, me in the wheel chair with dressing gown and the stocking sock things on, watching the snow fall down in total diss belief at what had happened. Thats all i see every time i walk in and out.

    Was nice of the hospital to show you up to the neo natal unit, fingers crossed you wont be needing that though, but reassuring to know that the facilities are good etc. Fab to hear about the prem baby you saw, doing so well! Its amazing what neonatal units can do these days. Thinking of you over the next few days xxx
  • Hi Jackie, I know you must be feeling extra anxious at the moment. Its hard when you are in familiar surroundings and you have flashbacks to when you were there before.
    I was at the hospital on Sunday and was in a room that my OH insists is identical to the one I delivered Ryan in (they must all look the same) but I honestly couldn't remember. When I think back it seeems different somehow. Think my mind plays tricks on me quite a bit!!
    Good luck with your appointments and scan, it will be good to see your little ones again. I always dread the scans which is a shame, although the last one I was a bit calmer during for some reason. Mind, she couldn't see his little willy, just his testicles, and I actually turned round to my OH and said what if its fell off? God, I come out with some rubbish, but I was worried, cause she had me on each side and then on my back again trying desperately to get a shot of it, but it must have been tucked away cause we just couldn't see it. Unless of course it has fallen off, lol!!!
    Take care, Luv Kathryn xx
  • Hi Dotty,
    I'm sorry you got upset but understand why. I was looking at a freinds birth pictures on facebook & realised it was the same room I had been in & felt totally gutted.
    I'm really please the neonatal ward was a positive part thou.
    Hang in there, your doing really well x
  • Hi dotty, I'm sorry, I know the whole thing is so hard, they say sone woman specifically choose different hospitals after these sort of experiences but I think that's a bit hard too, as you know why you're there.
    I try to ignore the familiarity of it all but I know it's hard and I just can't wait to hold my baby girl but at the same time know that in itself is going to be pretty hard going.
    It's great they showed you around the neonatal and it all looked lovely. Really hope the scan goes well tomorrow, not long now, hang in there and soon we'll get your 2 image birth announcements.

    Katy lol at it falling off!
    I agree though, everything panics me now! Maybe you should take a blue and pink outfit with you though, just in case image
  • Thanks girls, Katy you made me smile, I'm sure there's a willy in there somewhere!!

    Saw the midwife today and it turns out I have protein in my urine, they mentioned plus 2, but i don't know what that meant. I have to go back in tomorrow with another sample and get blood pressure taken, if there is still protein then they are admitting me to be monitored for 24 hours. They think i'm at risk of pre-eclampsia. So a little worried about that. I've had lots of movement today from the boys and they found both heartbeats so not worried about that. I just hope that I don't have pre-eclampsia as i don't want to deliver any earlier than i have to!! I'm not showing any other symptons so fingers crossed it was just a strong sample!! Thats my update, i'll try to let you know more tomorrow xx
  • Hi Jackie, hope everything goes ok and your other sample doesn't show protein present. However, if it does then they are probably just being extra cautious which is good. Your blood pressure will prob be ok but they just want to make sure, so at least you are being well looked after. This warm weather doesn't help as it makes you extra hot and even dehydrated. Good Luck.
    W4B, i've only bought a few white outfits to take to hospital so if he turns out to be a she, then i'm prepared. Don't know what would happen with all the rest of the stuff up in the attic though, as thats all boy orientated!!! The sonographer did say that it must have been seen at some point or they wouldn't have told me he was a boy!!! I've seen it floating on the scans before, so i know its there somewhere and hopefully hasn't fell off!!! lol
  • Hi All,

    Scan went well this morning, although i felt incredibly queasy throughout it. I think it's the fact that my belly is huge and she was pressing quite hard!! Both boys are doing well and measuring 27+3 which is what I am today!! So feeling a lot more confident. Had my blood pressure and urine checked again today and blood pressure was fine and protein, although still present, has dropped fro plus 2 to plus 1. My midwife thinks it probably contamination from increased CM i've had recently, to be expected. So they are not worried about me. Got another appointment on Monday for my GTT test and they'll do full bloods on me too. Hope everyone else is ok xx
  • Hi Jackie, so glad everything went well at your scan and that your blood pressure and urine are ok too. The boys are measuring spot on so thats great. Have you thought of any names for your little guys yet?
    Good luck today with your app, hope you let us know how it goes.
    Take care, Luv Kathryn xxx
  • Really glad everything going well for you and hope today's appt was all good too. I know it must have been such a horrible week to get through but you've done it and youre another week closer to getting these boys home. Take care of yourself x
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