2 week wait, again!!!


I'm back on the 2ww wait, AF due on the 21st. We're doing the sperm meets egg plan this month so fingers crossed!!

Hope everyone is well, and those of you that are pregnant need to send some baby dust our way :lol:

Jackie x




  • Good luck to you and your partner. I hope some time in March 2010 we will be ready to start TTC again.
  • Thanks KS9, good luck to you too. I hope things are getting easier for you both, it does take time xx
  • Everything crossed, twisted, double knotted and tangled that you've done it this month X
    baby dust being sent to you by the bucket load in lots of sparkly glittery breeze
    how are you feeling? Thinking of you, take care x
  • Hi W4B,
    Thanks for crossing everything for me, everything of mine is thoroughly crossed too!!
    I'm fine, getting a bit teary at times, but as you know next Tuesday was my due date so I expected it!! And i wish the pregnant women i work with would hurry up and go on maternity leave!! There's one girl here who's a right scally and it just winds me up hearing her moaning about being pregnant, god help that child!! She's due to go in January so it'll come soon enough.
    Hope you are ok, just about to read your post xxx
  • Hi Dotty

    Really hoping that this month it will work for you! Crossing all relevant body parts. xxSara
  • Oh dotty that must be so hard to hear, I'd want to slap her and tell her how lucky she is!!!!!!!!! (and selfish for going on about it!) well January will be here in no time ESP with holidays coming up.
    Yes I know I've been feeling anxious about your day too as I know it'll be hard, I was lucky in the sense that I'd been awful at noting my af date so they'd given a date but I couldve been any time that week. I know it will be horrible but I'm grateful it's not so pointed. I'm just sorry it's another pain we have to get through, but you will x
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