Nursery Pictures!

Hi all, hope you are all well!

I've finally found the courage to post my nursery pictures, if you want to take a peek they are on the due in August forum!

Very girlie don't you think?



  • Oh becky it is absolutely gorgeous, I love the quote on the wall, and a rag doll is something I really hope I get to buy one day. Lol at all the nappies- I'm not stocking up yet but really hope I get to the point where I feel I can. stunning x
  • I love it!!!! x
  • Hi Becky, awh your nursery looks lovely. Gosh, you're so organised, you have put me to shame as I literally haven't done anything!! I must say though I do think you need more clothes for your little girl as she hasn't got nearly enough, lol!!
    I bet you are in there every day re-arranging things, I know I would be, and probably adding to it daily until you couldn't move, lol!!
    Take care, Luv Kathryn xxx
  • Thats a beautiful nursery Becky I wish i was as organised as you are!! I made a start on mine yesterday, just moving things out of there and setting up all the toiletries / nappies we've bought on the changing table. I can't stop looking at it, just another 2 weeks to go and we'll start buying things properly. You have done a great job and your little girl is going to be loved to bits xx
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