First scan booked...

Hi girls, I phoned the EPU this morning to book a scan, after explaining things she( the receptionist) said she would get a midwife to speak to my consultant and book a time i can have the scan then go for a meeting with him straight after. She has just phoned back, and I am booked in for the 26th at 10am! I'll be around 6+4 days then. Im excited but scared... 6 weeks is still so early and i dont want to get my hope s up! She said the consultan remembers us very well and she reminded me that any time i have a concern/worry no matter how small, ive not to hesitate to contact him! so that was nice.

Ive still had no real symptoms, just achey tummy, twinges and sore boobs, although they dont feel as sore today as yesterday... Oh and tmi, but ive been up the past few nights with an upset tummy, not even sure if that is a symptom, but before i was constipated. Do you think this sounds ok? God i wish my morning sickness would come, its so reasuring! Ive got dr's on monday

How are you all? xx


  • Ooooh glad things are moving fwd for you now and there's a date to look towards for the scan. Runny tummy I'm sure is a symptom as I remember reading before about others debating whether they'd rather get the runs or constipation. It's is scarey knowing what's good and what's not but try your best not to worry too much as, as long as we look after ourselves there's not much else we can do as the outcome is totally out of our hands! And I'm praying like crazy it's keepers for all of us x
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