has anyone else have to have iron infusion

Hi all well i;m 33 wks now and my iron levels are 9.5 so have been put on iron tablets 3 a day dont really agree with me make me sick , so might have to have iron infusion
? has anyone else had one ?
also went to be monitored yesterday as was having trouble breathing as was told it was cos of being anemic also when on monitor could hear baby had irregular heart beat which sent me into complete panic ,

they said it was fine and most babies have them then they just go but i'm so scared of something going wrong again finding it hard not to panic about it all ,
i'm having a sectin in 5 wks and i feel like its going to drag so much as i'm so scared , goign to see my consultant tomorrow to have another scan he will look at her heart and talk about infusion

if anyone has had one let me know please finding it very hard to be possitive, i just couldnt cope if anything happened to her feel very sad


  • Hi, i'm sorry but i've never heard of an iron infusion. Why don't you ring your midwife and pick her brain? I'd say try not to worry but I know from experience thats easier said than done, you'll worry until your mind is put at rest. At least you will see the consultant tomorow and they wouldn't have let you go home if there was any danger to you or your baby. I'm sorry I couldn't be of any help, just wanted to tell you i'm thinking of you. Good luck tomorrow
    Take care, Luv katrhyn xxx
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