Had my 1st Growth Scan

Hi Girls, just to let you all know I had my 1st growth scan today. I'm now 26wks today, baby seems to be fine, although she did say he had a fat tummy!!! She said he could of just had a growth spurt and not to worry - ha - worry is my middle name.
She also checked his breathing?? She said she couldn't see him taking any breaths but not to worry since she saw him moving around! Oh my God, I worry over anything so I am now having a bit of a panic.
To top it off I was supposed to see the consultant afterwards to discuss the scan results, and the clinic had been cancelled!! Its also cancelled for next week so i'm not seeing the consultant til the 11th May!! Lots of time for me to worry!!!
I've only seen the consultant once so far!! They told me i'd be well looked after this time and be under consultant care, but so far I don't feel very cared for!!
Hope you are all well
Take care, Luv Kathryn xxx


  • hiya! thats terrible they cancelled clinic!
    something similar has happened to me will do a thread about it!
    i dont think they know how far reasurance and a bit of extra care goes with us all! can really make a difference!
    im sure all is fine tho every babys different and if she didnt seem that worried ... easier said than done i am worlds worst worrier too!
    roll on 11th may!!! eh? x
    take care
    Lisa xx
  • Hi,
    So glad it went well today, I don't think i've ever seen a post from you without the word "worry" mentioned a fair few times, its inevitable that you're going to feel that way. I find with me whenever anyone asks how i'm getting on with my pregnancy I always, yes doing well "fingers crossed". I just can't stop my self from saying it!!
    It's a shame you didn't see the consultant, I've seen mine once and didn't find it any use to be honest. Some other ladies get a lot more from their consultants. Hopefully when you see them on the 11th May you may get some peace of mind. Will you be having a natural birth or a c-sec?? And how far apart are your growth scans?? So many questions!! Look after yourself and take it easy xx
  • Glad it went well, as far as not worrying goes it's inevitable you will but I am positive had it been cause for concern there's no way they'd have sent you home. As for the consultant- they're so frustrating, when you see them they're nice but there's no place to call when you need to see them and let's face it receptionist couldn't care less- we are just another pestering patient grrrrrr!

  • Hi All, I have had a complete hissy fit about today and have decided to phone my midwife 1st thing Tues morn and complain!!! I have had enough. They tell you to go to them with any problem, and i'm usually not like that, I always feel like i'm bothering them. Well stuff it. They told me i'd be better looked after and under consultant care, well i'm not being looked after and I don't have a bloody consultant. I might change hospitals. I'll see what the midwife says on Tues. I am hoping she can get me a consultant app for next week as i'm not waiting til the 11th May when i'm supposed to be "high risk".
    Oh, I feel better already now just having a little rant!! I think its disgraceful, they tell you not to get stressed and worry and then they cause you to with their lack of care and reassurance.
    I am a born worrier, it is my middle name. The woman that did the scan thought the clinic was on and that I was seeing a consultant there and then. So now I am thinking she might have had concerns but was expecting the consultant to go through them with me!! I am probably paranoid but hey, my baby died and i'm allowed to be paranoid, Good God to go through what we have all been through leaves you naturally paranoid, but I still feel like these professionals still just don't get it!!
  • Hi Katy,

    I agree, some of the professionals will never get it, they just don't appreciate what the reassurance means. I hope that your mw helps you get this sorted as you are entitled to the care that you were promised and the anxiety that you feel is not at all helpful because of the situation.

    Sending you a big hug (((()))) xxx
  • Hope your complaint goes well and they start to get their arsed in gear for you. Good for you for sticking up for yourself and lo x
  • Hi Girls, hope everyone is well?
    I actually ended up ringing the hospital on Saturday morning and asking if there was anyone I could speak to. The woman on the phone was lovely (they are few and far between arn't they!) She told me to come to the day care unit as soon as I could and she would get a doctor to go through the scan results with me. I didn't even know they had a day care unit. Anyway it shuts at 1pm on a Saturday so it was a bit of a mad dash to get there as I hadn't made the call till 11.30am. But, we made it and it was the registrar who came to see us and went through everything and totally put my mind at ease, as everything was ok, and yeah, I mite have just been worrying over nothing but all I wanted was some reassurance, and that goes a long, long way!!
    Take care everyone, Luv Kathryn xxx
  • I'm so glad to hear this Kathryn. It does make a huge difference to have the reassurance. I'm glad that the hospital made the effort and actually did their job!!!

  • Hi,
    Thats great news that you got back in to see someone, they just don't always understand how what to them is a simple conversation can put your mind at rest. Also glad you got a nice receptionist, the majority I have come up against are like little hitlers and you can't get anywhere with them!! xx
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