Help with midwife appointment!

What kind of care should I be insisting on, considering what happened in my last pregnancy! Somebody suggested I ask to be checked for all infection, not just the ones they normally check for! Anything else? Xxx


  • What a brilliant idea for a qn, I'll be following this one very closely......I've no idea what tests to do or not do but when I'd been trying to find answers I found 'group b strep' which is routinely tested in states and if undetected can cause still birth. I spoke to consultant who said I can be tested if I want but????No point doing now as results could change throughout pregnancy and no sign of it before but I can do it at 36 weeks when chances are whatever the result is will stay with me for birth, so I'll do that as I'm not going to chance it. I've also been told by friends on here to ask about progesterone supplements but I don't really understand anything about that or even if I was checked to see my levels last time but I'm going to ask at my next appt.????I'd also insist on consultant led and personally I'm choosing to give birth on a ward with DRS not mid-wife led, I know a few mums are talking c-sections which I am scared of but think I may discuss again next visit as I'm wanting as little risk of anything going wrong as possible - as I know we all do. Good luck and please let me/us know if you think of more things to bring up image
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  • Hi Waiting4Baby, thanks for your answer! I will be consultant lead but will also be seeing a midwife! I'm going to insist too on the group B strep although I don't know a lot about it! It's so scary as I want the best posible care but I'm still very concious that until I get to the magic 24 week mark not a lot can be done! The sad thing is although I'm so happy to be pregnant again and love this baby already I hate being pregnant and just can't relax, it's so sad as I always imagined loving being pregnant before trying for a baby! Xxx
  • I know what you mean, I'm really happy to be pregnant but to me it only means there's a possibility I'm having a baby not a certainty now more than ever before.... I'm just so scared to get excited and panicking over everything. I'm trying to be positive but it's hard as with being positive comes getting my hopes up!????
    I'm not getting extra scans but my mw did say shed be happy to try and hear the hb later on, hopefully 16week+ but warned me it may not be possible til after 24! Tbh I'm strongly considering splashing out on 1 private scan, maybe gender as it's cheaper but I'm just trying to decide whether I want it before my 20 week scan or after.????

    Just thought of something else you will probably want to discuss: the swine flu jab
    Personally I did it as I have a gut feeling it was some sicky bug that caused ange'ls death and I wanted it sooner rather than later but I do know a lot of mums have opted against it. Either way it's probably worth talking about with them. ????????
    When is your appt? I'm not seeing anyone now until my scan 1st feb.... It feels like an age away!
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