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Scared myself stupid! Aaaarrrggh!

So I started feeling movement at around 19 weeks (finally wooooooo) and then this week (21) after feeling lots of hard hits I was feeling nothing, I ate sweets, drank lots, lay down for hours and hand on belly but nothing. Obviously by this point I was freaked out and so after 24hrs I gave in and called mw, the local centre listened to my woes and decided all the could do was get the Doppler out so would rather send me to the main hospital (so I worry more!)
Anyway I get there and the mw takes ages to find the hb by which time even hubby is beside himself as we both think it can't be good! She did eventually find it though, thank god but I am finding this whole thing so hard, I'm still not feeling much so she's obviously a reeeally lazy baby and someone wants to make sure I really work for this pregnancy but thankfully the staff were lovely and said I could cone in 100 tines if I want too image - they might regret that when I get to visit 99 but this time I really don't care I'm not leaving anything to chance in case there's something that could be helped!


  • Hi W4B, not wanting to make things seem worse but you are going to be worried the whole way through, and it really wears you out, believe me! I honestly didn't feel much movement this time around til much later aswell. Even now if I try and poke and prod to make the baby move he just will not budge if he doesn't want to, the stubborn little tinker! I start panicking like I did on Sunday and so had to ring the hospital as I was besides myself. I have always been under the impression that i'd be bothering them, but like you said, they told me to come in anytime. The midwife who saw me on Sunday even said come back in a few hours if you want, so that made me feel a bit better. I think the only way our minds would be at rest would be if we were hooked up to a monitor 24/7, lol!
  • Hey,
    Poor you, like Katy says it's going to be a frantic couple of months now and you will probably be down at the hospital 100 times more, but thats what they are there for and you should take full advantage of that. Given your circumstances you have every right to do that, crikey you see ladies in pregnancy with no history of problems that are rushing back and forth to their midwifes because they're constantly worried, you have a history that in my book dictates you have every right to do it!! You've got this far, I have every confidence you will bringing your little girl home. And if it's any consolation i've seen my midwife 3 times this week now and have another appointment on Monday!! Take care and big hugs, glad all is well xx
  • Thank you both, I know I'm going to stress the whole way through, I swear it takes me about an hour after an appt to manage to work myself up again. Being strapped to a monitor for 9mths would definitely help but then I'd probably panic about whether that in itself could do damage- eugh!
    Really hope both of you and your appts are all good and I'm just so happy that so many of us our on our way, I'm just sorry for those still waiting, this whole experience is just draining in so many ways.
    Take care all x
  • Hi again, just wanted to add that when I went to the hospital last Tues for the group b strep test, there was a woman at the day unit who was 11wks pregnant and felt sick!! I have worried about bothering them and yet others seem happy to go along for the least little thing. So any worry anyone has, they should go without hesitation like everyone else does. xxx
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