Results of my 20wk scan

Hi Girls, hope you are all keeping well?
Just wanted to let you all know that I had my 20wk scan last Friday, and we're expecting another little boy.
My partner Darren was over the moon, as even though he would have loved a little girl just as much, he has never made any secret that he would prefer a boy. Me on the other hand, I just want a healthy baby.
I had been calling my bump Verity, I don't know why, so i'll have to think of another name to call my bump now!!
I have to go back next Tuesday as baby was being naughtyl!! Everything that was checked was fine though, she just couldn't check a couple of things as baby was lying low!! I'll never be away from the place, as I have to go again on the 7th April for a consultant scan, and then again on the 30th April for a growth scan!!
When I went for the scan I had to force myself to look at the screen, I just couldn't bare to look at 1st, its ridiculous I know but I was just so scared. Darren thinks i'm crackers but as I explained to him I am going to be like this all the way through, so he should really get used to it, lol!!
Take care all, Luv Kathryn xxx


  • Ahhhh, i just wrote a longish reply and then got ''unable to create a gap, try again later''!! Silly silly BE.

    I basically said, so pleased eveything went well at your scan, and a little boy image congratulations.... but like you say a healthy baby is the main thing! Lucky you- not long atall to wait till next scan. Have you thought anymore about buying baby bits?

    I am ok, 14 weeks now. My sickness completely stopped on sunday suddenly which is worrying me as i had sickness till 18 weeks with darcey and even then it gradually wore off and didnt just stop! Think i am going to phone midwife tomorrow as i have been worrying all day. Im sure everything is fine, just needing some reasurance i think!!

    So glad all is well with your blue bump! xx

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  • Hello ladies,

    Hope you don't mind me joining in but i wanted to say a huge congrats to you both and wanted to wish you both all the luck in the world with your bubba's. Also thanks for the support that you have shown me, its appreciated.

    Glad that your scan was ok Kathryn and fab news thats its a blue bump image.

    CeilidhA, when i was preg with Thomas, my sickness just stopped at exactly 14 weeks and i worried myself sick lol....i phoned the mw just like you're going to to get reassurance and then the day later, the sickness came back with avengance - i was really upset as i didn't enjoy not feeling sick when i should have, but also glad at the same time that the sickness was back....its crazy really. I hope you feel ok and that the mw does reassure you that everything is ok.

  • Hi Katy73

    I have not been on here for a while but I used to be one of the regulars! So, I just wanted to say congratulations to you and I'm pleased that all appears well. Welcome to this forum too!

  • Hi Katy,
    So glad your scan went well, and great news that you're having a boy! I've got my next scan tomorrow and like you i'm terrified, i've even been thinking i won't look at the screen until they say all is ok!! Oh the paranoia we all have eh! I so wish we could go back to having the naivety that all the other ladies have. At least we know once we have these babies in our arms they will be so loved and wanted. Let us know how you get on with your scan on the 7th xx
  • Hi Girls, thanks for all the lovely replies.
    Glad you are all well (as well as can be expected anyway!!)
    I just wanted to say I was like that with the sickness. If I didn't have it one day I started panicking, thats why I bought that heart monitor, but didn't realise it was only to use from 20wks onwards. I did try to use it the other day but its like finding a needle in a haystack!! You can get the heart monitors that the midwives use on-line, i'm tempted, I think you can hire them on a monthly basis, I mite look into it. I'm sure when you see your midwife CeilidhA everything will be ok. Now I know we're expecting another boy i've decided not to buy anything. I keep thinking of everything up in the loft and to be honest it can stay there until we have a healthy baby to use them all. As far as a pram goes, it was such a big deal last time deciding which one to buy, this time however, I don't care, i've told Darren once our baby is here and he's ok, then he can just go out and buy one.
    Nice to meet you Sohappy and George35, hope to talk with you both some more. And gud luck at your scan Jackie, can't wait to hear how it went.
    Take care all and try to keep smiling, Luv Kathryn xxx
  • Yeah I have been tempted with a heart monitor thing but midwifes seem so against them. I've also heard a few horror stories, people not feeling many movemants and using the Doppler, hearing a heartbeat and thinking everything is ok. Then later finding out baby had passed away and the heartbeat they had heard was there own. I also would just worry myself to death if for some reason I couldn't find the hb. My friend has given me hers that is use from 20 weeks onwards but Im not keen so far!

    I haven't phoned midwife yet, I'm putting it off. To be honest I'm pritty sure I am feeling flutters now and my boobs etc are still sore/swollen. I'm sure baby is in there fine and mummy just needs to chill! I haven't looked at any baby stuff so far apart from pram. I saw the mamas and papas sola and really like it. I think I will buy the things we need after finding out the sex. My mum bought some nappies that were on offer the other day, her local sainsburys was closing down. I liked that because to me it was asif she believed the baby was going to be ok, like she had given her blessing on buying things after her originaly seeming so against the idea. Xx
  • congratulations !
    halfway there now great !
    i know what u meen about buying stuff im the same!
    fingers crossed the next 20 weeks are very boring and plain sailing xx
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