Oh dear! im feeling a bit down!

No need to reply, just need to write down how I feel!

I'm now 25, almost 26 weeks and no longer classed by my consultant as high risk! I've really enjoyed being pregnant the last couple of weeks and feel like I'm bonding with my little girl!

Last night I had a terrible argument with my brother, basically my dad died 10 weeks ago and me and OH paid for his funeral with the promise from both of my brothers that when the credit card bill came they would share the cost, my younger brother has been amazing and has already started to contribute but my older brother and his wife haven't! When I asked them about it yesterday they went on to say how little money they have and can't afford to, but in the next breath told us they had booked 2 holidays this year! So we had a big argument!
It ended up with my brother stating that there is no wonder I miscarried my little boy as it was Gods way of telling me I'm going to be a shit mum and it would be best if the same happened with this baby, that way I could carry on working and not have to rely on him to pay off my credit card!
As you can imagine I was so hurt and upset, we never ask anyone for financial support but it was OUR dads funeral so I don't think a little help is uncalled for! I cried all night, I'm terrified of loosing this baby and I wouldn't make those comments to my worse enemy!

To top things off I thought I would cheer myself up by announcing th name we have chosen to call our baby in my due in forum, it's had loads of views but only one comment which wasn't very positive so now I think that no one likes the name we have chosen! Feel like I need to cry again!

On a positive note, I hope you are all well, I keep looking our for this forums first BA!



  • Oh becky what an awful thing to say and from family too. I don't know if Id be able to forgive my brother for saying such heartless things. How dare he!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will never be a shit mum and this baby is going to be just fine, you said yourself the consultant has taken you off high risk and you're doing so well. Don't let such evil words put you off.
    I'd love to know the name you've picked? I'm sure it is beautiful and tbh lots of people are funny about names until it's put to a face. Don't care what anyone else thinks you're a good person and your choice will be perfect X

  • Thanks hun! I feel a bit better now I've been up, had a showe and had something to eat! I saw your comment on my name thread, thank you, it cheered me up loads! I hope your well! Xxx
  • Thanks hun! I feel a bit better now I've been up, had a showe and had something to eat! I saw your comment on my name thread, thank you, it cheered me up loads! I hope your well! Xxx
  • hiya!
    how terrible of ure brother!!! i cant believe that anyone let alone a relative would say something like that!!!
    im not sure i could ever forgive my brother if he said something like that !!!!
    great news u r no longer high risk though eh???
    i remenber wen my consultant said i wont see u for 8 weeks (as opposed to eevery 2 weeeks) and i was no longer a high risk pregnancy i was pleased but also a bit lost, didnt feel as safe!! mad eh!
    i tracked down ure post with the names it is lovely!!!
    its very individual taste names otherwise everyone would be called the same but i love it ! very girlie!
    keep positive and please dont dwell on what ure brother said as what sort of person does it make him to even think something like that !
    take care
    40 weeks tomorow!!!!!!!!!!!! eek! lol
  • Hi Becky,
    Your brother is an insensitive t**t and if i could i would personally give him a good kick in the balls for you!! In fact print his address in pregnancy and sit back and watch as hundreds of hormonal women do the job for you!! He was out of order with what he said and doesn't deserve having you as his sister. Unfortunately it's our loved ones that hurt us the most as they are close enough to do so, if he has any conscience at all he should be feeling pretty damn ashamed of him self at this moment in time. If you get an apology make sure he grovels and follows it up with a cheque for his share of your Dad's funeral. You are going to be a wonderful Mum and you ARE bringing this baby home with you. Big hugs xx
  • Hi Becky, caught your name choice in Due in Aug so replied in there. Just wanted to say that your brother is a shit. He just doesn't want to pay his share the greedy sod. Try to not let his cruel, vicious words get to you, he's not worth it. All I can say is you live and learn, so remember to refer to him as Uncle Shithead once little one arrives!!
    Take care, keep smiling, Luv kathryn xxx
  • Hi Becky,

    We don't "know" each other as i'm fairly new to this part of the forum but regardless, i can't believe what your brother has said....noone deserves that and i too feel its unforgivable, i definately wouldn't be speaking to my brother if he ever said anything like that to me.

    Katy is right, he just doesn't want to pay his share of your dad's funeral costs. Its a sad time burying anyone, we buried our little boy 10 wks ago so the last thing you need is a family fall out.

    Lets face it, everyones pretty skint at the moment so he just needs to be honest and NOT say hurtful, unforgivable things like that, hope you get it sorted xxx
  • Thanks everyone for your lovely comments! I feel much better today and at the end of the day me and OH know we will be brill parents, this baby is so wanted and loved to bits aready! Nothing else matters, it's only money at the end of the day and like my grandma always says 'sticks and stones may break my bones but names can never hurt me!' Lol! Thanks again girls! Xxx
  • Oh god! Your brother is way out of order... What a horrible cruel thing to say! You will be a fab mummy, if anything better because you realise just how precious your baby is and just how easily they can be taken away! It amazes me how many family fallout are caused by money!!

    And as for the name, OH was desprate to call Darcey that before she was born! It was in his top few names, I'll admit I wasn't so keen but came round to it, it's a very cute name and suits a little girl well I think. You call your little girl that and be proud, at the end of the day it's nobodys buisness xx
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