Results of my consultatnt scan

Hi Girls, hope all is well with everyone and you have all had a gud Easter.
Just wanted to tell you all how my consultant scan went last Wednesday. After arriving at hospital 30mins early with a full bladder, I was told they were running over an hour behind!! Typical! After 30mins of trying not to pee myself I gave in and just had to go to the loo!! Sods law though, there was nowhere in the hospital to get a drink. The cafe was pulling down the shutters, no vending machines anywhere, and when I was at the hospital the week before there had been a water cooler, but that was gone. OH had to go to a shop for some water, and put another 2hrs on the car before I was seen!!
They checked the blood flow to the placenta and my baby's heartbeat and said everytihing was good. I still keep worrying though as I often wonder had I had this scan before with Ryan, would anything bad have been picked up, as he seemed to have been ok up to around 31-32 wks, and then I think thats when things started to go wrong. The midwife measured my bump at 28wks and it was spot on , and then when I went to see her at 34wks my bump was only measuring at 31-32wks, and was still that size when I was given an app at the hospital at 37wks, and by then it was too late.
However, I have a growth scan on the 30th of this month, and then every 4wks, so at least if anything goes wrong it should be picked up.

My OH and I went to a remembrance service on Sunday, organised by the hospital for all the little lost angels. It was very sad but lovely at the same time. It was overwhelming to realise that everyone in the church were there for the same reason. I hope and pray that when we go next year, we'll be taking our new baby boy with us, fingers crossed.

Take gud care everyone, Luv Kathryn xxx


  • Hi hun, I'm gald your scan went well! Being pregnant is such a worrying time isn't it! Although things started to go wrong later on this time you should feel confident that this time you are being looked after by consultants etc who know exactly what signs to look out for, I'm sure everything will be fine for all of us this time around, we all deserve it! Xxx
  • Hi Katy,
    How's things going? How many weeks are you now??
    Hope all is well xx
  • Hi Jackie, things seem to be going ok thanks!! I'll be 26wks this Fri and thats when I have my app for my 1st dating scan. I feel huge, my bump is all front and when I look from the side its massive!! I think I was probably only a little bigger than I am now when Ryan was born at 37 wks. God, I hope I don't go to the extreme and have a huge baby, lol!! Both my friends boys were nearly 10lbs each and she's tall but very slim, I don't know how she mananged!
    How are you? When do you have your 20wk scan? I bet you can't wait. Has it sunk in yet that you are going to have 2 this time? At least your son can lend a hand, although you know kids, the novelty mite wear off after a while.
    You know after the horrible loss we have been through, the one thing that really gets to me the most is the way other people are about it, and the inconsiderate things they can say. A few of my friends didn't come to see me after Ryan died, but I can guarantee they would of had he been here, and that makes me really upset. I still haven't seen one of my friends since, she has avoided me at all costs and my other friend told me its because I mite get upset as she has a baby (well he's over a year now). Why can't they understand that we are only sad for ourselves and the baby we have lost? We can still be happy for them. Anyway, i'm rambling on!! lol
    Take care, Luv Kathryn xxx
  • Oopsie, I meant to say i'm having my 1st growth scan on Fri!! - my brain is frazzled, I keep getting everything wrong and i've even been calling people the wrong names aswell!! x
  • Hi Kathryn,
    So glad everything is going well, you've been quiet on here lately and in this forum that just makes me worry!! I'm 17 weeks tomorrow and my midwife told me last week that i'm measuring at around 22 weeks of a single pregnancy, which is about right apparently. I do feel huge though!! I know what you mean about people being insensitive, I've got a friend who i haven't seen either, she's sent texts and messages on facebook and even sent messages to some of my other friends who she doesn't know to say she's concerned about me!! Yet hasn't made the effort to come and see me. She also has a 1 year old but that doesn't bother me at all as she's not my baby. I think the people who were there for me the most were those I least expected, people i've only known for a year like my neighbours and some of my OH's friends girlfiends who were only ever people to say hello too. It really shows who your friends are in our situation doesn't it.
    My son Cole has offered to leave school to look after the babies so I can go back to work, he's only 10 and thinks this is the best option for us both. He was that serious I had to wait for him to leave the room before I burst into hysterics!! Bless him!! I know he'll be sick of the babies in no time and be off out with his friends, but he's interested at the moment so we'll see what happens.

    Hope your scan goes well on Friday, let us know how you get on?? I've got my 20 week scan on the 18th May, seems like ages away but i'm sure it will fly by.
    Take care, xx
  • Hi Jackie, I haven't been away over Easter or anything just busy going here, there and everywhere with my daughter and I feel like I haven't had 5mins to myself! Your son sounds like a very sensible young man, however, i'm sure in time he'll see sense and be glad you didn't take him up on his very kind offer!!!
    You know I used to joke years ago whenever one of my friends announced they were pregnant, that they should of just said they wanted a child and they could have had one of mine!! Now though, I feel extremely protective and lucky to have my children and whenever anyone says to me that they'll be happy to look after my baby when he arrives, I think, no way, I just want him all to myself!! My OH's parents have 1 grandchild who is nearly 2 and they are always looking after him,he stays over their house for days on end, and I get the impression they are expecting the same with my little baby. I have told my OH that I wouldn't be happy with that but I keep forgetting that this is his baby aswell and that he does actually have a say. However, we'll just have to wait and see. I have said one night a week maybe every other 2-3wks I may agree to. Darren thinks i'm being unreasonable! Am I?? I wonder if his attitude changes when his son is actually here, I bet we're both fighting over him!! That would be nice anyway as with my other 2 children I had to do absolutely everything, my ex husband did nothing.
    At least you will have 2 babies for everyone to fight over, lol!!!
    Take care Jackie and roll on the 18th May, Luv Kathryn xxx
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